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Last week's part one left us with two major cliffhangers: the wedding, and Cam's parents. Near the end of part one, Cam's parents had decided that they want to split up. Then, as the wedding started to begin, they found out that the fire had jumped the freeway, and they would have to evacuate the area. So, this week, they are told they can try to get the wedding done in thirty minutes. They begin to proceed, but then they get another message from the fire department, and they have to transport the wedding. The place they end up at was booked, but the bride had ran off, so the wedding can happen here, however, the bride returned, so they headed to Mitch and Cam's house, and the wedding was about to happen there, until Jay offered to have it happen at the golf course, and the couple was married, after a reconciliation between Mitchell and Jay.

Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria try to get Cam's parents back together, Sal's water breaks, leaving Phil to officiate the wedding, and Haley feels bad for Andy. Phil's whole magic trick storyline was actually kind of boring, but the other two sub-plots were better. Gloria feels bad for Meryl, because she's afraid that he thinks he'll be able to get a woman as good looking as her, which was pretty funny, and I also liked his comment about Barb going to the ten o'clock church service ("It's a celebration!"). Meanwhile, there's the whole Haley/Andy thing. I really don't know how I feel about them possibly getting together. What do you think about Haley and Andy?

Part two of the season finale wasn't as good as part one, but it was still good. I'm excited for season six next fall, and I really want to find out what happens with Haley and Andy. Also, the Luke and Manny acting like a gay couple was so hilarious.


So, just so you know, sometimes when babies come early, they're black.

Mitchell: This is my second-favorite suit of yours.
Cam: Second?
Mitchell: Next to your birthday suit.

Pepper: Go on dear, how often do your fathers get married?
Lily: Let's see, so far, one, two...

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