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For a few months, we've known that Modern Family was planning on doing an episode in Australia. This is the third time that the show has gone somewhere to make an episode about the family vacationing there. In season one, it was "Hawaii", and that was a great episode that included Haley getting drunk and Lily getting accidentally left in an elevator. Then, for the third season premiere, they went to a "Dude Ranch" in Wyoming, where a cowboy was hitting on Gloria, and Dylan proposed to Haley, which Claire said no to even before Haley could. Going to Australia, I worried that we would just get dumb jokes about the country. I was completely wrong.

Mitchell and Cam met an old friend, who they find quite annoying, but find out that he is famous now, so they spend as much time with him as they can, enjoying the feel of being a celebrity and pretending to like him only for that reason. It was typical them, and it was great. Then they realized how selfish they were being, and were taken back to their family by some kind of motorcycle gang or something.

Meanwhile, Phil, being his quirky self reveals that he was conceived in Australia, and sets out to embrace his "home land". But, Phil just keeps getting injured. It was a typical Phil plot, and it was great. In the end, he meets an Australian stranger who says that Australia is nice to tourists, but hard on its own people. And it was a hilarious scene.

Then, everyone else had their thing. Luke and Manny, being teenage guys, set out to find boobs. In their first attempt, Luke ends up loosing his swimming trunks, and a hot lady puts on goggles to look for them in the very clear water. Later, though, they see two topless and attractive women, and likely following that head to someplace private to express to themselves how impressed they were with the boobage (because that's totally a word). Meanwhile, Haley sees a hot guy, but doesn't go after him because she doesn't want to go after the first guy she sees. She gives that advice to Lily, so she doesn't get the first souvenir she sees. Eventually, Lily buys one, when Haley admits she may have made a mistake by not going after that guy, but then Haley finds an ever hotter Australian, so Lily turns around and asks if she can return it. By the way, in addition to being the cutest, Lily also has the best lines and line-delivery. And then there was the obsession over work, which is the plot that I didn't really care about and seemed like just something to give Claire and Jay in terms of storyline.

Overall, a very funny episode with the fresh feeling that the first season had, with storylines true to the characters. I consider this one of the best season five episodes of Modern Family.


I could have said no.
Cam: That's why you have twelve friends on Facebook.

Gloria: How dumb do they think we are?
Phil: Sometimes Claire leaves me pictures of food instead of a shopping list.

Claire: How did you get punched by a kangaroo?
Phil: Really hard, and in the face.

Phil: Why, Australia, why?

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May 25, 2014
The wrong word (teenage) was crossed out in the review. It should have been "loosing", which was one line below. It should say "Luke ends up LOSING his swimming trunks". I'm surprised I still see this kind of spelling error these days. "Lose" (inadvertently misplacing something) and "Loose" (carefree and/or unleashed, instead of tight or uptight) are significantly different words. You guys need to check your dictionaries, or at least your dictionary and vocabulary apps.
Apr 29, 2014
Totally agree!
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