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Now that the show is in season five, Modern Family has reached the 100 episode mark. Some shows, such as Friends, in whose one hundredth episode Phoebe gave birth to the triplets she was carrying for her brother and his wife, do something special for episode number 100. Modern Family didn't do anything special (unless you consider Gloria needing reading glasses or Cam's sister visiting special), but it's still a landmark episode, meaning it's special, meaning I write a review of it.

In "Farm Strong", the series' one hundredth episode, Phil and Claire agree not to go to one of Luke's soccer games, but Claire ends up going anyway (while Phil accidentally destroys a birds' nest with bird eggs in it), Jay insists that Gloria needs reading glasses, Alex believes that Jay is cheating in a game, and Cameron's sister Pameron visits, and they both have big news to tell the other.

Phil and Claire's storyline was really good, although it felt a little bit forced in spots, and the killing of the bird eggs was just awful, although it did create some good humor. (I mean awful in that that's an awful thing to do and I can't believe that the writers would have Phil do that!) The glasses storyline was good, and I especially loved the fake dying. Gloria was excellent. Alex's minor storyline provided some good laughs. Pam was hilarious, and she helped Cam be even more hilarious. Lily's lines were really funny too.

Overall, this was a very, very funny episode. There aren't many quotes below, but actions speak louder than words, and there was a lot of funny things that happened along with funny lines. And there were a lot of jokes referring to earlier things in the episode. But still, a hilarious episode!


Remember before we had kids and we could sleep in on Saturday?
Claire: That's how we got them.

Alex: Okay, Grandpa's cheating.
Haley: On Gloria? Why? How could he get any better than that?
Alex: No, at this game.

Pam: He has absolutely no interest in my digging rights--well, not that kind.

Manny: You're the boy who cried "divine".

Pam: Look at me, I'm crying like a Cam--sorry, old habit.


What did you think of Modern Family's 100th episode, "Farm Strong"?
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