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As of today, Friday, August 16, it is 39 days until Wednesday, September 25, the day that the fifth season of Modern Family premiers on ABC, which is less than six weeks (yay!), but more than five weeks (boo!). In an edition of News Briefs a couple of months ago, I learned that the creators and writers of the show were pondering the possibility of marrying the gay couple Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker in the upcoming season. Now, I will talk about this possibility in further detail.

They could get married in the season five premiere

Modern Family has a hour-long premiere this season. They had this in season three as well, but they opted to air two separate episodes. They may or may not do that again this year. If they do, having a wedding in the first half hour may seem to crammed. If they do not, then it would work very well. At the very beginning of the episode, Mitch and Cam would be doing something in preparation and then Mitchell and Cam could explain that they had decided to get married. The rest of the episode could feature them getting ready for the wedding on the wedding day and one of the two is freaking out about something, most likely Mitch, and then them talking about it and Cam reassuring Mitch and telling him that it will be alright right before the end of the episode where they get married.

They could decide to get married in the season premiere, and get married a few episodes later

The season premiere, or the first half of it, could end with Mitch and Cam deciding to get married. Then in an episode sometime in the middle of the season, the wedding is shown. It could be similar to the second season episode "Manny Get Your Gun" for the others, while Mitch (or Cam) is freaking out about something, and then, right before they get married, Cam (or Mitch) calms him down and then they get married.

The season could all lead to the marriage in the season finale

Similar to the last option, they could decide to get married in the premiere. Then, throughout the season, especially near the end, they are preparing for the wedding, and then they get married in the finale. This also could work with the marriage being in the sixth season premiere. Although, this may be a little too far off. But, if they do that, the season five finale could be set right before the wedding day, and can even end on the morning of the wedding day.

They could not even have a wedding

They can stay un-married. Remember, just because they can doesn't mean that they have to! A Modern Family wedding could be good, or it could be a disaster, you never know!

What do you think that the Modern Family writers will do? What do you think that they should do?
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Aug 20, 2013
It has recently been revealed that the season five premiere, titled "Suddenly Last Summer", will deal with the issue of same-sex marriage. Whether or not there will be a wedding, or, if so, when the wedding will be featured, has not been revealed.
Aug 17, 2013
I personally think they'll get married in the season finale.


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