Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 10

Dance Dance Revelation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Claire talking about the school dance with Jay and Jay asks Claire if she has a tiel pocket square. She tells that she is going to conference in Mitchell. Gloria asks when she can be at the school to help set up and she tells that she doesn't need to come and help. Gloria seems upset with the news. Meanwhile at the playground, Mitchell answers the phone and tells that Cam has pocket squares, but no tiel. Luke comes out in his suit, but it doesn't fit him. He has to go to the mall as well.

Mitchell and Cam are sitting down and a mom comes over and tells that Lily bit her son. She tells that she didn't see it. Mitchell and Cam tell that she is only blaming them because they are gay. They tell that it was probably another kid. At the mall, Phil is about to get a spot, but another car sweeps in and steals it. Phil doesn't car and Jay tells that a man wouldn't do that. Phil tells that it is only a parking spot. Phil tells that Jay is always teasing him. They show one example where Jay was giving Phil a hard time of his last name. Instead of calling him Dunfy, he calls him Dumfy. Meanwhile, Claire is getting everything together and Bethany tells that she needs a light changed and Gus, the janitor, refuses to do it. Claire walks over and tells that she needs it changed. He tells that she needs to go to the dance with him, but she tells that she is married and people will talk.

Gloria comes in and tells that she is there to help. Gloria tells that she volunteered and Claire tells that she is the one that has run the school dances every year. Gloria is a co-chair of the decoration. Cam and Mitchell are getting Lily in the car and she bites Cam. They hear the babysitter say no to Billy, the boy Mitchell and Cam blamed to have bit the mom's boy, to ice-cream and Mitchell tells Cam to get in the car. Meanwhile at the mall, Manny is unsure of his pocket square of being tiel and Luke comes up and has a suit that was on the mannequin and getting 20% off. He has a tiel tie and asks him to grab a different one. A man cuts in front and he tells that he has one item. Phil doesn't care and Jay tells that the boys shouldn't pay attention to Phil because you don't let people walk all over you.

Cam and Mitchell get home and Mitchell starts to look up why Lily is biting. He blames Cam for not being a better parent and sending mixed signals of biting her toes. Cam in turn blames Mitchell because he uses his teeth to open everything. At the school, Claire trips over boxes and sees that the tables have been moved. Gloria tells that it makes for more room for the kids to dance. She is upset that Gloria is walking over her and Bethany tells that it looks great. Claire tells that they need chairs and points Gloria in the dark place under the stage. She gets the chairs and she speaks Spanish to him. At the mall, the man with one item is taking forever. Phil walks off and tells that he is getting socks. Jay sees the man who took the parking spot and he tells that he is going to show them what a man does. He goes up to him and the man apologizes and tells that his dog died. He starts to cry and Luke tells Jay not to hit him. Phil goes down the escalator and a man with cologne sprays him in the face. Phil loses it and chases the man down spraying along the way.

Jay comes into security and apologizes for being hard on Phil. He tells that Jay's father in-law was a mean person too and that is why he is mean. He asks Phil what he did to the cologne guy and Phil tells that he sprayed him in the face repeatedly. At Mitchell and Cam's, Mitchell is looking up advice on Lily's biting. One mother tells that she had a stranger yell at her child and Cam thinks that it is a bad idea. Another one suggests Cayan Pepper. Cam tells that he is not going to rely on their advice and sings a song to her about not biting. However, after the song, Lily bites Cam. Mitchell grabs the pepper and Cam tells Mitchell to try some himself. Mitchell bites him and walks away. Luke and Manny walk in and Claire hugs Luke, who is covered in cologne. Claire gets soda spilt on her and sees Gus walk over with paper towels, but walks past her and gives them to Gloria. Claire tells that she is fine and Gus tells that he didn't even see her. Claire walks off and tells that it is Gloria's night.

Gloria goes in the bathroom and tells that she didn't want to steal Claire's thunder. She wanted to show that she was something more then a pretty face. Claire and Gloria agree to put it behind them. Mitchell and Cam tell that their girl is an angel and everyone is going to make mistakes. Phil talks and says that no one is perfect and everyone is going to have to let things go. Cam gets a call from the guy that got sprayed in the face with cologne repeatedly by Phil and Cam tells that they can watch a movie. Mitchell slowly approaches Lily with a tooth brush and tells her not to bite him and the episode ends.