Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 10

Dance Dance Revelation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • 8.5 out of 10

    Mitch and Cam is forgettable.

    Gloria and Clare were good

    Phil was bad at first ended funny.
  • Manny's and Luke's first dance and realtionships

    Relationships. They can be complicated, especially with in laws. This happens in this episode. Jay and Phil's relationship has always been testy. Jay treatment of Phil has always been borderline mean. I think this episode he crossed it a bit. However, this doesn't make you dislike Jay. You find out why Jay treats Phil the way he does. The things that Phil doesn't and does get upset about it are what makes Phil great. Claire and Gloria have always had complicated relationship too. Unlike Phil with Jay, Gloria stands up for herself more. One of the great things about this episode is that the relationships between Phil and Jay and Gloria and Claire are not resolved but did take a step forward The story with Cameron and Mitchell and Lilly was also good. Like with the relationships in this episode. Lilly's issue is not resolved. This episode had the typical Modern Family ending with a twist. Overall this was a very good episode.
  • Lilly bites. And steals. She sucks.

    So as usual, the Dunphys & Jay's families are tied and Mitch & Cam get the separate story.

    Cam-Mitch: So at the playground, Cam % Mitch ownder why does Lilly has no friends. A mom comes in and says that Lilly bit his son. Mitch and Cam deny it and blame another boy. Later Cam tries to get sth in the car and Lilly bites him. They overhear the boy they blamed not getting icecream cause he "bit" a kid. So Cam writes a song to Lilly about not biting.

    Gloria-Claire: So Gloria goes to help with the dance even though Claire told her not to bother, and rearranges everything and everyone likes it and the janitor likes her better and Claire is jealous. At the dance she gets wet and sees Gus the janitor coming with a paper towel, but it's for Gloria, and she gets all mad cause the dance was her thing and Gloria tells her that she tried to make the school think more of her other than the hot chick with big boobs. Phil-Jay: So they are going to the mall to buy ties ofr the kids and a guy steals their parking slot. Later at the store, Jay goes all macho on him about how can he be a coward and then Phil sotrms out and a guy asks to sray oclogne on him. Phil goes berserk, stills his cologna and beings to spray him. Jay then sees the spot stealer confronts him but then realizes that the guy s sad and they relase Phil from the mall prison.

    Overal: Eh. I'm starting to dislike how everytime Mitch & Cam have a separate storyline. Also, no Haley tonight? Seriously? 8/10.
  • A big disappointment

    This was probably the worst episode Modern Family has ever crated. I didn't laugh a single time.

    Modern Family is one of the few comedy shows I really like. I love its cast and the its humor, but in "Dance Dance Relevation" all the characters were misused and all the storylines were terrible. I really don't want to talk about this episode anymore. Overall, a bad "year finale" for this show.

    Nevertheless, every show delivers bad episodes now and then, and bad episodes are forgivable, so I really hope Modern Family comes back with a bang in January making me forget this week's twenty minutes.
  • 210

    This was the first time I watched Modern Family live and not on or in sometime, and I have to say that it disappointed. I did not really laugh at anything here tonight and just about all of the storylines today were really poor. I do not want to see Manny talking about ties, I do not want to see stolen storylines involving stolen parking spaces. The show has not hit a sophomore slump as it was not even that good last year. Tonight's episode though, was well below even what I expect from this acclaimed comedy series.
  • Manny and Luke prepare for a dance, Lily starts biting people and Claire and Gloria face off at a school dance

    This is the second week in a row that I was left feeling completely under-whelmed by a Modern Family episode. Everything felt like it fell into place way too easily. Where some of the other episodes felt natural and seemed like it could happen in real life, this one seemed ridiculous. There was also one plot line that was just so over-done in other TV shows that it frustrated me.

    First off, I need to continue giving respect to Ty Burrell.. he dominates this show as Phil, and today, even if it was insane that he would chase around a cologne guy at the mall, it was so funny to watch him slowly break due to Jay's teasing. Him and Jay also shared a touching moment at the end, and I loved it when Jay started calling him "Dumb-phee."

    However, the plot with Gloria and Claire was just dumb. Claire is usually in charge of the school dance, but Gloria is allowed to come on and help out for the first time. As you would expect, Claire grows jealous and Gloria becomes incredibly popular. There's nothing at all surprising about the outcome, and there's also a wasted guest-star by Danny Trejo as Gus, the janitor.

    Stuck in between these two plots is a plot where Lily begins biting and Cam and Mitch try to figure out why she's doing that and which ways to stop her. It seems as if the writers have a difficult time tying in Cam and Mitch's plot with the rest, and despite it having its funny moments, the way they tried tying it in to the events going on with Phil and Jay seemed completely ridiculous.

    I've done nothing but laud Modern Family for its comedic efforts for the past two years, and tonight, along with last week's episode, was the only two times I was left feeling like the show stumbled a little bit.