Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 10

Dance Dance Revelation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • Lilly bites. And steals. She sucks.

    So as usual, the Dunphys & Jay's families are tied and Mitch & Cam get the separate story.

    Cam-Mitch: So at the playground, Cam % Mitch ownder why does Lilly has no friends. A mom comes in and says that Lilly bit his son. Mitch and Cam deny it and blame another boy. Later Cam tries to get sth in the car and Lilly bites him. They overhear the boy they blamed not getting icecream cause he "bit" a kid. So Cam writes a song to Lilly about not biting.

    Gloria-Claire: So Gloria goes to help with the dance even though Claire told her not to bother, and rearranges everything and everyone likes it and the janitor likes her better and Claire is jealous. At the dance she gets wet and sees Gus the janitor coming with a paper towel, but it's for Gloria, and she gets all mad cause the dance was her thing and Gloria tells her that she tried to make the school think more of her other than the hot chick with big boobs. Phil-Jay: So they are going to the mall to buy ties ofr the kids and a guy steals their parking slot. Later at the store, Jay goes all macho on him about how can he be a coward and then Phil sotrms out and a guy asks to sray oclogne on him. Phil goes berserk, stills his cologna and beings to spray him. Jay then sees the spot stealer confronts him but then realizes that the guy s sad and they relase Phil from the mall prison.

    Overal: Eh. I'm starting to dislike how everytime Mitch & Cam have a separate storyline. Also, no Haley tonight? Seriously? 8/10.