Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 4

Door to Door

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • One of the best

    mainly with gloria and cam
  • i liked this episode

    In this episode, if Cam was in a scene, it was a really funny scene.

    I liked this episode a lot.
  • David Cross was the highlight of the episode


    Phil: I wont take much of your time, that looks like an ice cream cake.

    David Cross: NO ITS NOT!

    That was the highlight of the episode just because im a huge fan of Arrested Development and it was nice seeing david cross again. Another part of the episode i liked was when Cam wasreenacting "a streetcar named desire". There's not much to say about this episode it, it wasnt great but it wasnt bad, in myopinion david cross saved this episode, wish there was more to him, or maybe he could return.

  • "STELLA!" "I'm blindsiding you"


    I thought this episode was quite good. Everyone gave me a laugh for a bit tonight.

    First Phil and his ridiculous video with Luke, first trying to get that basketball shot right, and then at the end presented to David Cross' character. And Claire was alright, she was funny when she was trying to get the signatures. Gloria and Mitchell were hilarious looking for the dog Stella. Mitchell yelling Stella, Gloria not even caring about the dog in the first place. Cameron was funny against Mitchell and the mess too. Jay and Rico were quite funny selling the wall paper.

    I liked how people were answering doors for 3 different causes in this episode. A lot of small jabs that in the end, make the episode worthwhile.

  • Very funny episode of "Modern Family"


    Claire petitions the city to put a stop sign at a high traffic intersection, while Jay and Manny team up to sell wrapping paper for a school fundraiser. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Modern Family". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was very funny for the most part. My score was only a little low because some parts were a little boring. All of the storylines in this episode made me laugh pretty hard but I think Manny's storyline was the most funniest. Gloria going around the neighborhood trying to look for the dog was very funny. Claire's plot was very funny as well and I thought it was very funny when the sprinklers were wetting after that lady shut the door on her. Luke trying to make a video about his dad getting hit on the head with a basketball was very funny and entertaining as well. I think the fans will really enjoy this episode and get so many laughs from an episode like this. Major improvement over the previous episode "Phil On Wire". Overall, a superb episode of "Modern Family"... I think it's worth your time so go all out to watch this installment. 9/10