Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 1

Dude Ranch

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • About this episode

    This had great sound mixing.
  • Lily has grown lots.

    Or the actor has changed. The second one is true but anyway a amazing episode
  • okay.

    It was ok.

    It had its funny moments, but wasn't the best.

    It was sad to say goodbye to Dylan though.
  • Modern Family returns as great as before.


    I've never been one of those people who hated Modern Family as it started raking in awards. I have a feeling more and more people will be complaining about how Modern Family didn't deserve to sweep the comedy catagory and how it's not good anymore and it's boring and all that jazz. I think the two opening episodes to the season showed Modern Family doing what it does best and also proving that it's found a comfortable groove and knows exactly what to do with each character.

    I liked "Dude Ranch" less than the second episode, mostly because the ending was a bit ridiculous (Dylan staying at the ranch? Really?!) and I thought some of the plot points were a bit too on the nose. For instance, I thought it was clever to have Mitch's quest to be more masculine dovetail with Luke trying to blow up his firework, but then for Mitch to go right out and say, "I feel like I'm finding a more manly side! I want to blow more stuff up!" felt like too much explaining and telling us about something that we already understand.

    Those are minor quips though. The episode had tons of funny parts. All of the nicknames that the rancher came up with were great, Ed O'Neill was on his game tonight, especially when he was on the back of the horse with Phil, defending Gloria's honor. And Julie Bowen was hilarious here, proving why she won the Best Supporting Actress.

    Modern Family definitely returned with something to prove with these two episodes.

  • An okay Season 3 Premiere of "Modern Family"


    The Season 3 Premiere of "Modern Family" wasn't so good for a start but it wasn't a bad start for a season though. The storyline in this Season Premiere didn't really make lot of sense to me though. I didn't really laugh much in this episode. Gloria is the one who probably gave me the most laughs in this installment. Same goes to Manny but his role wasn't too huge in this episode though. Mitch aiming the gun at everyone and almost about to shoot them was pretty hilarious. Cam and Mitch discussing about adopting a new baby was pretty interesting but not that great though. Dylan and Claire having a talk and Dylan thinking that it would have been awkward if he and her "did it" since is going out with Haley. Claire getting all awkward after that conversation was very funny also. I don't think I got any more laughs in this episode. The rest of the episode was just really boring and got very weak. I don't have anything else to say in this review so I guess that I will just end it since there's really nothing much to talk about in this episode though. Overall, an okay Season 3 Premiere of "Modern Family". 6/10