Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Haley and Claire arguing and Haley wants to go to a party. Claire tells that she needs to study and not party. Alex comes downstairs and asks what is going on. Haley tells that she doesn't want to be unpopular like Alex is. Phil comes downstairs and asks what is going on and Haley asks to go to the party, but Phil says that he is not getting in the middle of it. There is a knock on the door and it is a plumber. Claire called him because of Phil's lack of completing tasks. Phil feels that his honor is in jeopardy and tells that he fixes things. Claire and the plumber go to the bathroom and Claire slams the door shut as Phil is defending his honor. At Mitchell and Cameron's house, Cameron is dressed in an Opera cape and Mitchell complains about going to Pepper's brunch because every year it gets harder and harder to dress up to his "themed" parties. At Gloria and Jay's home, Manny is pouring entirely too much sugar into his espresso and Jay tells him to pour the espresso into the sugar. Gloria wants to know why Jay won't go to church with them. He tells that him and God are good and that he doesn't need to go. Suddenly there is an earthquake and everyone freaks out.

Everyone is fine after the earthquake. However, Claire is stuck in the bathroom with the plumber because the door is jammed and a cabinet that Claire told Phil to bolt down it before, but he never did, almost falls on Luke's head. In the excitement Luke runs into a wall. Everyone calls everyone and Mitchell makes sure that Gloria and Phil are alright and they all tell that everything is fine. With Claire stuck in the bathroom, he sees this as his opportunity to secure it to the wall and Haley sees it as her chance to go to the party, but Claire hears the conversation and tells that Haley is grounded. Mitchell gets his chance to cancel on the party and tells Cameron to tell that they have to clean up after the earthquake, but Cameron goes a little overboard with the devastation and causes Pepper to come over. Meanwhile, Gloria is outside telling Jay that God sent him a sign that he needs to go to church and Jay tells that he is going to go golfing. Manny decides he wants to go with Jay this week and Gloria tells that they are both going to be in trouble with God. As Jay pulls out of the driveway, he runs over his own clubs. Jay mocks and says that was God too.

Phil is still fastening the cabinet to the wall and Luke comes in and catches him. He tells that he was just making sure that the cabinet is still fastened to the wall. Luke is confused and Phil tells him to lie for him. Phil tells that he will get the doorknob off and lies and says that he has the wrong screwdriver. Haley and Claire yell and the plumber is disgusted. He tells that he raised four daughters and one son. He tells that the son was the hardest because he was just like him. Claire starts to see that Haley is just like her. Luke pushes a tray of soda under the door for her and tells that she is going to have to lick it up. Meanwhile, Jay and Manny are on the golf course and Manny starts to ask Jay about God. After a few misleading from Jay, Manny is confused and Jay tries to stop the conversation but Manny keeps going. At Mitchell and Cameron's, Mitchell starts breaking dishes and tries to break Cameron's frog statue, but Cameron stops him. Mitchell tells that they have to make the place trashed so Pepper doesn't know that they cancelled. He breaks the window that Cameron said was broken and Cameron tells Mitchell to stop. Mitchell calls Cameron a "mob wife", he doesn't like the damage, but likes the rewards.

Pepper comes over and Cameron tells that Mitchell has something to say about why they don't want to go to his party and Pepper breaks down. On the golf course, Manny is still making conversation with Jay about God and he tells him that he doesn't know and Manny starts to hyperventilate over it. Alex catches Phil finishing securing the cabinet and asks why he is not helping Claire get out of the bathroom. He tells her not to tell. Back with Mitchell and Cameron and Cameron tells that Mitchell knows the real reason they couldn't come and Mitchell takes this as an opportunity to get back at Cameron and tells that Cameron still has attractions toward Pepper. He starts going around and breaks Cameron's frog statue that he was going to break earlier. Pepper says that it is not a problem and they can sit it out a couple of brunches. Claire and the plumber get out of the bathroom themselves and find Phil and Alex in the living room. Both Alex and Luke cover for him and Phil keeps his side of the bargain and takes Alex to the Museum of Tolerance. Everyone forgives each other and the scene ends with Jay taking Manny to church, Mitchell repairing the frog statue. Manny talks to Gloria about Heaven and she tells that that it is full of rainbows and clouds and butterflies. However, Manny is scared of butterflies and runs away.
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