Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on ABC

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  • The Earthquake was a mixed episode.

    It set the episode of which then lead to halerious events.

    Clare in the bathroom was okay.

    Jay and Manny was good.

    Cam and mitch was good
  • Modern Family writers are geniuses

    This could've been a REALLY BAD EPISODE. But, it wasn't!

    The Phil/Claire plot was amazing!

    The Mitchell/Cam plot was really good.

    The Jay/Manny plot, though, really lacked
  • An earthquake hits

    Another funny episode. I don't know why this has 6.2 (fair) rating. You are finally introduced to Pepper. Nathan played him great. He was very funny as Pepper. As expected he was over the top but not in a way that makes you dislike or feel weird when seeing him. No surprise that him and Cameron briefly dated. That would've been very funny to see. I liked that Mitchell was not jealous or mad that Cameron and Pepper dated. I thought it was very funny when trying to get out of Pepper's Party how Mitchell intentionally broke Cameron's Frog Trophy. Another funny part is when Phil was trying to do all the things that Claire wanted him to while she was locked in the bathroom after the earthquake while making Claire think he was trying to get her out. When Claire did get out, I thought it was funny that Alex took advantage of the situation by getting Phil to take her to the Museum of Tolerance. While not as funny but still enjoyable I liked how Jay reacted to the earthquake. I liked he was not making any big changes. While watching more of this show I think that Manny is becoming more like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. A earthquake happened and it was interesting to see the different reactions from people.
  • 203

    Another very forgettable episode of Modern Family here.

    Stop with all of these Jay and Gloria religious/ghost fights, it is really getting annoying. Have Jay interact more with the other family members, just having him and his wife bicker sort of takes the whole extended family concept this show preaches out of the equation, now doesn't it?

    And the Nathan Lane stuff was just absolutely horrendous. No idea why they even had this on this episode at all. It is becoming clear that Modern Family has already run out of ideas for Mitchell and Cameron just 1 1/8 years into their run.
  • Manny doesn't get Jay's vision of after-life.

    An Earthquake links alll stories.

    Dunphy story: So the earthquak comes just when Claire was telling the plumber were he leak was and they are locked. Luke almost gets crushed by the bookshelf, and Phil is worried that claire will go all "i told you so" if she finds out so while she is in the bathroom he tried to attach the bookshelf to the wall like Clarie said. He succeeds.

    Pepper story: So Mitchell doesn't want to go to Pepper's brunch and he tells Cam to tell Pepper that they cna't make it because fo the earthquake. So Cam accidentally says that Mitch was hurt and Pepper comes in. Cam accidnetally tells the truth and when Pepper is crushed Mitchell says the real reason is because Cam still had feeling for him.

    Manny story: AfteR Jay doesn't go to church to play golf, Manny decides to skip Church this sunday and caddy ofr Jay. There, Jay tells him there is no hell and that there is a fiery section in heaven and blah and Manny gets confused and ok.

    OVerall: Great episode. I loved the consequences of the earthquake in the family. 9/10
  • After last week's episode, a bit disappointing, but still hilarious.

    I've been extremely happy with Modern Family so far this season. Now that they've been able to do a full 24 episode season, and WON the Best Comedy Emmy, they've been able to not only attract more viewers but continue to deliver great episodes. I feel as if the new episodes so far indicate a much stronger and funnier season to come, and tonight's episode was simply more proof of that. While not as impressive as last week's episode, it still had three equally interesting plots that lead to lots of laughs.

    There are three more plots this week, all seperate, that have equally great payoffs. An earthquake creates trouble for every family. Jay and Gloria argue over church: Jay believes that he shouldn't have to go if he doesn't want to and convinces Manny to go golfing with him instead of going to church with Gloria. Gloria claims the earthquake is a sign from God that he should go. Claire gets trapped in the bathroom with a plumber after the earthquake jams the door shut. Phil decides to use this time to fix the cabinet that he was supposed to anchor to the wall months ago and decided against. As for Cameron and Mitchell, they use the earthquake as an excuse to avoid going to Cam's ex-boyfriend's party (his name is Pepper and he throws theme parties).

    Each of these plots have great build-up and they all have great pay-offs as well. I especially liked Cam and Mitch's, as well as Phil and Claire's. Nathan Lane as Pepper was great, but I wish there could've been a little more of him. However, I did enjoy watching Mitch freak out and smash Cam's favorite ceramic frog. And Phil is just consistently funny. Ty Burrell needs an Emmy award ASAP. It was also nice to see the broken step make a return!

    Modern Family has the ability somehow to avoid making truly bad episodes. Even the less impressive ones can bring laughs and cheer you up. As long as the show sticks to focusing on realistic humor and avoids typical sitcom humor, the show will succeed. If I could change one thing, it'd be the lack of plots that last beyond one episode. It'd be nice to see a mini-arc throughout the season that allows a story to be told.
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