Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 19

Election Day

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on ABC

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  • 3.19 "Election Day"

    Modern Family is finally back after almost a month and it's one of the best episodes of the season.

    I love Claire in this one, she really hates to be the loser, hm, who doesn't? Jay and Phil Baker Hall's character were entertaining, especially when the old man kept forgetting about his pills, medicine & oxygen and when he thought that Claire drinks (she sounded a little bit drunk on the radio when she pulled off her tooth again LMAO). Not much of Gloria in this one, too bad. Hayley got rejected from 4 colleges and one might even put her on the waiting list, score!!! Jay ran into this lady Dottie (guest star Stephanie Faracy)- he used to go out with her after the divorce and abruptly left her 'cause he panicked, that was a funny scene, but other than that he didn't have much to do in this one.

    And Cam with Mitch say some bad things into a megaphone and the whole street gets to hear about this lady named Sandy (guest star Melinda Page Hamilton) from Lily's preschool and her marrying a gay guy LOL :D MF finally starts to return in a good shape after a strike of so-so episodes. 8,0/10

    Almost one of the best.

    Mitch and Cam----------9.5

    Gloria and Jay----------8


  • It's election day...

    This was a really good episode. Jay was boring but otherwise, it was REALLY good.
  • What has happened?

    My wife and I used to love this show. This episode did not even garner one laugh from either of us. I hope the next episode redeems the series. This one was utter bilge.
  • Favourite of the season by far

    One of the best-timed and best written episodes of Modern Family I've ever seen. Almost perfect.