Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 7

En Garde

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • About this episode

    This had great sound mixing
  • Good...

    Manny has many talents and it points out that Luke doesn't which makes Jay feel proud of Manny but Phil and Clare (especially Clare) feel jealous. I think Gloria could be more included though.
  • Manny's Got Skill. Is Mitchell jealous? Are Claire & Phil jealous becuase Luke doesn't?

    Jealousy always makes a good comedy episode. (that, anniversery failiure, and misunderstandings.) I love the figure skating. My favourite part is when Cam's like "Do me." and Mitchell is like "Wait, what? Cameron!?"
  • Manny's Fencing Tourney

    Another great episode from Modern Family. I always like seeing new sides of characters. And when it's done in a way that surprises you but doesn't make you mad or confused it makes it greater. In this case it's Manny's great fencing ability. I liked how Jay was really happy for Manny and I think this help strengthen their realtionship. I also liked that he got shirts for him and the whole family. I liked that Manny won the trophy. It was done in a way that didn't make you dislike him. It was funny seeing Cameron filming like he was making a big time movie. I also liked seeing Jay "hurt" Phil. It was done in a way that he was not intentionally doing it. Another funny moment was Alex tricking both of her siblings. One of the best parts was seeing Claire and Mitchell in the parking lot with their routine from their figure skating days. The best part was the ending when Jay displayed the trophy and next to it was the photo of Claire and Mitchell when they were kids. Another solid funny episode
  • A nice episode with some great Phil moments

    Phil Dunphy is one of the funniest characters on TV right now. He finds a good balance between ridiculous and being a fun father, which is the kind of father I grew up having. Every talking head that he has is perfect. And this episode was no exception.

    The episode was mostly about Manny deciding to join a fencing team, and the whole family shows up to support him, but it was actually more then that. It gave a chance for just about every character to discuss what it means for them to be the best or be proud of somebody. Phil and Claire had to deal with the fact that their kids weren't necessarily the best at anything, especially Luke, who's baseball skills are laughably horrible. Then there's Mitchell, who's still upset that Claire didn't follow through with the ice skating (or dancing) team they had set up, meaning that Jay couldn't find anything to be proud about Mitchell for. And Jay finds himself questioning whether or not winning is the most important thing.

    The episode was filled with a ton of little great moments, whether it was the t-shirts Jay made for the family (the "Claire and Present Danger" one was my favorite), or Alex's attempt to trick Haley and Luke and show she's not just a dork. And one of my favorite moments of the show so far is Phil's unique take on the "Always Be Closing.." speech from Glengarry Glen Ross. It was unexpected and wonderful.

    The only problem I've had as of late with the show is its tendency to end on somewhat cliche, sitcom-y notes. The acoustic instrumental music in the background over a sum-up narration.. it's something more like Scrubs then Modern Family. However, the show is providing laughs like no other new comedy this year and with Edward Norton showing up next week, the best seems yet to come.
  • 107

    A Manny centric episode? And the only other real storyline features Mitchell? Yikes, this did not have the making of a good episode, and as a matter of fact it was not.

    Rico Rodriguez is just not a good actor at all. He is annoying as words can describe, and I just do not find him funny at all. His presence puts a whole damper on the show.

    And then the whole figure skating debacle? This episode was just an absolute mess and I was glad when it was over. For future reference, do not base an episode on either of these characters Modern Family.
  • Manny continues to be the best of the kids

    I fence. I loved this episode. It turns out Manny is a bit of a fencing prodigy and he may be the first in the family to really excel at something. This brought up some issues for Claire and Mitchell, also used to be really good when they were kids- at figure skating. I enjoyed Jay's enthusiasm over Manny kicking so much butt, and watching Phil trying to find something for Luke was cute too. The baseball gags weren't particularly funny, but the real estate bits were great. "I saw a ghost"- lol...
    Claire and Mitchell acting out their skating routine outside was cute but felt a bit forced. The highlight of the ep came from learning that Manny's opponent was part of children's care program, and he still went through with decimating the poor kid!
    Jay and Gloria could barely watch the carnage, lol.
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