Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 24

Family Portrait

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2010 on ABC

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  • Family Portrait

    Modern Family's season finale delivered in the ratings, but yet again the show continues to disappoint me. Just a few of the things that irked me tonight:

    - A few weeks ago on ESPN they showed a clip of Manny and Gloria talking with Pau Gasol of the Lakers. I was disappointed this did not make the final cut for the finale as it was actually pretty funny.

    - The payoff to the Phil being attracted to Gloria and actually kissing her was underplayed. They did this on Everybody Loves Raymond where Robert was attracted to his brother's wife, Debra, but they never pulled the trigger on it. Modern Family was wise enough to do so, but they didn't even make a big deal out of it. That's poor writing.

    - And no update on the step? The one good thing about the early episodes of this show was the different situations in which Phil would say, "Gotta fix that step!" To not even let us know if it was fixed was disappointing.
  • A family picture is taken

    It was good at the start, good in the middle and good at the end. I am also talking about the Season 1 ending episode. Like with the past two episodes and other episodes this season, any one that has all the family is funny. The scene with Phil, Gloria, Manny and Alex was good to watch. When Gloria and Phil were on the kiss cam and Gloria eventually kissed Phil, his reaction was priceless. I also liked how Phil hid all the snacks in all of his pockets. I liked what he said at the start. That's great writing. I loved it when Mitchell wrecked the house going after the pigeon while Cameron was signing at the wedding. Somehow the music and Mitchel's acting made the scene worked. I thought it was funny when Jay was telling the "stories" of his past to Luke. I liked that Luke thought it was all true and not even questioning him. The ending was great and a common theme in this show. I really enjoyed how Clarie wanted this perfect picture and got it but didn't plan it. Like I said before this was a solid episode ending to a very, very solid show.
  • A Great Ending to the 1st season

    Perfectionism is always funny. Misunderstandings are always funny. That's what made this episode so funny!!! You gotta love this episode! Great--no, wait--perfect way to end the season!!!!!
  • Family portrait.

    Amazing episode and that's about it
  • Need your help

    Hi! Did you like this show? I found it first at but there are no reviews. ( And can someone advise good movie to watch in the evening?