Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 13

Fifteen Percent

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • Fifteen percent bad

    It was good with Gloria and Manny but Mitchell and cam weren't memorable. Phil and Claire were good.
  • I always knew my dad was like Phil.....but I didn't realize how much my mom is like Claire

    Claire doesn't get electronics. Jay's friend Shorty acts gay.

    My part is when Phil's like "This is for all of the times that your mom said she was right but you knew that she was wrong." and then Haley is like "I'll do it."
  • Jay thinks his friend might be gay; Manny and Gloria help make over someone

    This was an enjoyable episode. This was the first episode that went into detail of Mitchel's coming out to his dad. While Jay was never comfortable with Mitchell, he was never ashamed either. He is definitely proud of his son but wishes things could be different. Having Mitchell trick Jay into that his friend might be gay because of his "gay-dar" was funny to see. Also seeing Jay's friend act "that way" (just see the episode and you will see) was also a sight to see. The part with Manny, Gloria and that women was good but as good as the Mitchell and Jay part. One of the funniest parts was at the end when that women was made up and she met Cameron and thought she fell he was the one. The third part with Claire and figuring out the remote was very funny. Having Hailey figure it out first was good to see. The remote story is what makes Gloria and Phil a good couple.
  • Fifteen Percent

    Another decent Modern Family tonight. The problem right now is similar to that of NBC's The Office. Sure, the writers can still create some of the best zingers on television, but those jokes are buried beneath tons and tons of mediocre, uneventful scenes and dialogue.

    The scene with Phil teaching Haley how to use the remote was great, but honestly, is muting a challenge for anybody? Let's be serious now. Claire cannot be that stupid.

    The Jay storyline was alright, but things like this kind of set the homosexual world back about 15 years.

    Okay episode, but not one of the best by far.
  • One of the funniest!!

    I don't know who keeps giving this show the mediocre scores, but this series really lands it as far as family dynamics with all that goes on in this day and age. Anybody would be lucky to have a family like this instead of the totally disfunctional ones out there. The whole cast rocks! This episode had me laughing out loud several times. It might just open some eyes and give people a little push to not be so afraid to get more techy, or more accepting of that flamingly overstylish buddy. The level of comedy might not be for all, but the ones that can't appreciate it (yet) can learn a bit about being able to find more humor in their own ackward life situations.