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"Bringing Up Baby" discussion

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    [1]Sep 28, 2012
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    Best part of the episode was the stuffed animals engaged in lewd acts on top of the car.

    I wasn't particularly thrilled with the Gloria getting pregnant plot. Jay would be around 84 if the kid graduates high school on time. Adding an infant seems like a Jump The Shark moment when a series has run out of ideas. I don't get why Jay would be thrilled to have an infant; The whole point of retirement is to relax, play lots of golf like he does & do whatever he wants, etc. But that's MF for you.

    Lily was also a little brat as well. "I want to name [it] Larry," "make the car dance", ugh. Children are very annoying.

    Claire looked really good as a brunette. Also I was more annoyed like Claire was when Dylan was trying to sob-story his way into staying at their home than amused. Phil & his fu manchu would had been funny had I not seen it previewed during the summer in an article. SMH.

    Overall, a pretty average MF episode & especially for a season premiere. 73 episodes in & the show seems to be getting comfortable.

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    [2]Sep 29, 2012
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    I thought the best part of this episode was Claire. From her hangover cure, to her annoyance with Dylan, and finally her reveling in the idea that Gloria was going to get fat, I thought it was classic Claire. Other funny moments were Luke's "I like to toss a grenade then leave the room", and Phil's "It's the first time I've noticed a woman glowing when pregnant" followed by Claire's "I was pregnant 3 times!". Not a great episode, but enough amusing bits to keep me chuckling.

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