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"Modern Family's" future

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    [1]May 29, 2011
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    Does anyone have any possible guesses, predictions, or theries on "Modern Family's" future? Could it even have any possible decent chances of possibly going up to say 9 or 10 seasons? I definetly would like for it to. But unfortunetly, with the episode scores, I have a feeling that at best those such possible chances even could be questionable, possibly. Their episode scores most often get voted into the 5's and 6's, and sometimes even lower, and only occationally the decent 7's. I know that some might say that episode scores and web site scores don't necessarly matter, and while it may be true that they are not the only thing that matters, I think it's obvious that they are at least one of the big parts that do [and i would imagine that it was probably similar with whatever it was they would do to put in votes for the episode scores back in the day before aol and the eneternet. And let's face it, series that get 5's and 6's for their episode scores, and only occationally the 7's, and sometimes even lower, they are more often known for lasting maybe 4 or 5 seasons at the most. Look at Neil Patrick Harris's "Doogie Howser" series, that one only lasted for 4. "The New Adventures Of Old Christine" only lasted for 5, and that really sucks, that was another one of my favorite shows. So anyways, "Modern Family" is another one of my favorites, and I've even rated my votes in the 9's for all it's episodes, and I understand that there are others that have rated their votes into the 8's or 9's, or sometimes even7's, but again, the bigger amounts most often end up being on the 5's and 6's, and sometimes even lower, and 7's occasionally. I really hate to think even the possibilities that it may not be able to go up to 9 or 10 seasons, and it will continue to get those low scores most often for it's episode scores. I know that I would like for it to start going up to the 8's and 9's for it's episode scores, shoot on up and have a superb 9 to 10 season run, or maybe even 11 or 12, but with it's episode scores it gets most often, I'm kind of on a worry and panic fence while also attempting to pray and keep my fingers crossed.

    Any thoughts?

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    [2]May 30, 2011
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    Idk. Take it by year. But I believe as the title suggests, it's a "Modern Family," so the show can keep updating and becoming more modern as the years go on and develop. And it'll fit... cuz it'll still be "describing how a family lives in modern day." I hope it'll enjoy a long healthy run. True, some eps are better than others, but it's the best show I've seen in a LONG time!!
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    [3]May 31, 2011
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    The scores you read online for a show have absolutely, positively, no effect, what-so-ever on whether or not a show lasts. All that matters is the ratings(how many people from age 18 to 49 are watching the show?). The reviews from professional critics might have some effect(Mad Men for instance doesn't get many people watching, but the reviews for it are so good that they keep it going because it wins a lot of awards), but in the end all the networks care about is how many people in the key demo are watching the show. Modern Family still has a lot of people watching it, until that changes there is no fear of it ending anytime soon.

    Honestly, website rankings couldn't matter any less than they do now; which is to say, not at all. So don't worry, Modern Family isn't going anywhere.

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