Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 6

Go Bullfrogs!

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on ABC

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  • Go Bullfrogs.. uhh, dogs.. Bulldogs!


    Man, I love the Phil Dunphy character. He's this odd mix between all kinds of sitcom fathers and Michael Scott (he has the goofiness/need to be liked of Scott but not as much of the stupidity). Regardless of what people think of the show, Ty Burrell always knocks it out of the park. Here, he's once again giving his A-game, and the rest of the cast does a pretty darn good job too.

    The episode deals mainly with Phil taking Haley to his alma mater to see how she likes it. Phil immediately fits in with the crowd, wearing a tight sweatshirt, a backpack, high fiving people whether or not they want one or not and doing cheerleader moves with the cheerleading team while on the phone with Claire. However, after Haley goes off on her own with some new friends, he grows worried that she's already hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    As far as Cam and Mitch go, their plot dovetails with Claire's, and as a result, we get some scenes that are better together than they would be by themselves. Claire, with her entire night free from her family, decides to party with Cam and Mitch. However, Cam and Mitch are stuck in a rut in their relationship and aren't having fun anymore. Eventually, Claire goes off with one of Cam and Mitch's gay friends and Cam and Mitch begin going home, suddenly realizing that the valet gave them the wrong Prius. I wouldn't say that the plot is great, per se, but drunk Julie Bowen always makes for a good time, and I have to say, the writers changed up Cam and Mitch's plot just enough to make it funny.

    As for Jay, Gloria and Manny, it was mostly a swing and a miss. Manny gets a package in the mail and brings it up to his room. Gloria worries about what's in the box while Jay tells her to give him space. The best part about this plot was Jay being invested in the soap opera he was watching. When Gloria walked out of the room and then the music on the TV rose to a crescendo before someone got shot, Jay's reaction was priceless ("Oh! Ronaldo! What happened?!")

    This was one of those episode of Modern Family that sits somewhere in the middle of good and great. With a little tinkering, the episode definitely could've been great.