Modern Family

Season 4 Episode 15

Heart Broken

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2013 on ABC

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  • What an Awkward, Grown-Up Valentine

    I really like this show, but I hated this episode. With the exception of Mitch & Cam, it was all about the respective adults trying to hook up and avoid their kids, and it was creepy. And I think Modern Family's strongest factor is the family unity it celebrates, but this featured exclusively the nuclear families. Weird and awkward episode.
  • Much different than other episodes

    This episode was a lot different than most. I didn't like that, but the plots weren't bad.

    Claire/Phil: Phil was great! Claire was sometimes great but other times not. Didn't really feel like there was any up/down in this plot though.

    Jay/Gloria: Not so funny, but more entertaining. It was very funny though when Jay couldn't figure out how to open the little gate at the bottom of the stairs, but Lily could.

    Mitchell/Cam: This was a great plot! A lot of funny moments, and a real storyline. The best was Lily telling Dylan he couldn't stay there. She was so funny in this episode (and she was the only one in two plots).
  • Not Bad at all.

    Last episode I was seriously concerned about the development of the show. Despite some few great episodes along the season, MF is indeed getting my insatisfaction feeling.

    Although, this episode was nice and very "Modern Family" style. I liked the isolated stories about each family and as always Phill was - how can I say this.... - Phil. Nice work guys.