Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 5

Hit and Run

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on ABC

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  • A good episode

    Not much to say apart from it was a very good comedy.
  • funny!

    In this episode, the entire Cam and Mitchell plot was HILARIOUS!!!

    The other two plots were also really funny.

    When they all came together it rocked!!!

  • Good, but not great


    While Claire considers running for city councilwoman, Cameron and Mitchell are in a hit-and-run accident, and Gloria tries to help Manny and Jay resolve their issues. I thought that this was a good/decent/average episode of "Modern Family". Not the best and not the worst of the season but it could have been a little better in my honest opinion. While this episode did deliver a few super huge laughs, all of the storylines except for maybe the Cam/Mitchell storyline were boring and very lacking. One of the few huge laughs that I got from this episode was the opening of the episode when Cam was telling that man that the movie they are about to watch might traumatize that man's children but it was just a Muppet Movie and then Cam feels awkward because they entered the wrong movie and then he would tell the man "I've always been a fan of the muppets". The boy jacking Cam and Mitchell's car and then Cam tries to run for it was hilarious also. The rest of the laughs were either mildly funny or they were just a MISS. Overall, a good/decent/average episode of "Modern Family"... NOT the best and NOT the worst of the season. 7/10

  • This episode just gets me more excited for the return of "Arrested Development"


    Just as most episodes of "Modern Family", all the family members have there own side story that mysteriously come together with each other, but i think that it worked great in this episode. Ofcoarse Phil had the best line of the episode " Im attracted to women with power like Micheal Obama, Condiliza Rice, and Serena Williams... wait a minute".

    This is my favorite episode this season and if the the rest of season 3 is like this i can safely say that this show will win best comedy for a third year