Modern Family

Season 5 Episode 18

Las Vegas

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2014 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jay takes the adults to Vegas when he gets comped a group of Excelsior suites by a business associate.

Claire is spending the trip trying to win back money she and Phil had set aside for an anniversary trip that she lost years ago.

Cam and Mitchell run into a couple of their gay friends who are in town for their bachelor party.  Cam and Mitch insist they didn't want a party before their wedding, but Cam doesn't mean it.  And one of the grooms was an ex of Mitchell, who Mitchell broke up with via e-mail.  And his excuse was that e-mail was still new, so he didn't know what the etiquette was yet.

Gloria is trying to get Jay to avoid seeing a female version of Barkley, the dog butler jay bought the last time he was in Vegas.  So she has him running around trying to get Excelsior Ultra class, which he only just learned about.  She doesn't care, but wants nothing to do with Rebarka the dog maid.

Phil has a secret agenda, he received an invitation to a secret magic society and needs to meet them to perform his ultimate magic trick to be accepted.

Claire goes to the tables, Phil to the society hideout, and Jay to get upgraded.  Cam and Mitch have different views of what they want to do, so Cam makes Mitch believe he is having a relaxing spa day and instead goes to the bachelor party while Mitch actually relaxes.

Claire goes to the tables and goes on a winning streak, with Gloria's help, and wins back her money. Gloria puts a down payment on the dog to get it out of the window. And Phil meets the secret society.  Apparently just a bunch of magic bloggers, the highlight of which is Patton Oswalt, thought the Amazing Jonathan is there too. But while Phil is trying to perform his trick he gets a call from Claire and has to go, with the joke being that he is the only one present who found a woman to marry him.

Claire runs into Mitch, and is feeling the gambling bug, so she talks him into gambling, the same way she apparently talked him into smoking as a kid, and he gets hooked.

There is a running joke about the butler service at the Excelsior level, with STEVEN MERCHANT as the butler, because that is how funny he is.

The rest of the episode revolves around all of them coming back to their rooms at the same time.  Mitch to run a bath for he and Cam, via butler service. Phil to run one for himself and Claire, whom the butler thinks is the dog statue thanks to Gloria stashing it in their room. And Jay trying to impress on Burt, the guy who comped the rooms so they can get upgraded to Excelsior Ultra Plus.

Instead Mitch's ex thinks the bath is for him and Mitch to get down with, Cam shows up and he AND Mitch are surprised to see the ex in a bath.  And who wouldn't be surprised to see Fred Armisen in their hotel bath, other than Lorne Michaels.

Phil gets a visit from Patton's character, who works as a "shaving butler" in Ultra at the hotel, he wants to give Phil a shot to do the trick.  Gloria gets stuck in Phil's room without clothes because her towel gets stuck in the door. She hides in the closet. Phil goes to do his trick and moves the dog maid in the closet where Gloria is hiding.  He performs the trick, though it isn't anything special.  But as he is trying to explain it, out of the closet comes Gloria, now in the maid's outfit.  And Patton's character thinks it's part of the act.  Gloria leaves and as Jay is telling Burt about the cigars he ordered, he says here is the Cuban I ordered for you, and lo and behold, there is Gloria in the maid's outfit.

Claire tried to order a Scottish kilt stripper crew for Cam and Mitch to have their own bachelor party, but they end up going to Jay's room by mistake and Burt, thinking Jay is a party animal, gives him the pass to the Ultra suites.

And at the end Jay, finds out that the Ultra isn't the highest level, he miscounted the number of floors the first time he counted.

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