Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 13

Little Bo Bleep

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • How did this get so many good viewer reviews?

    This is hands down one of the worst episodes of Modern Family I've seen; probably THE worst. Lily is so bratty in this episode, and everyone seems to delight in in. In a debate with Duane, played by the funny and nuanced David Cross, Julian Bowen loses the plot, waving her arms around like one of the three Stooges, stumbling over her words, nodding and shaking her head emphatically, saying "hmph!" repeatedly and, in a puzzling move - pointing her finger at her cheek like Shirley Temple. Someone needs to tell this woman how to act - or how to act LESS. She's a poor imitation of Lucille Ball, and not only does her schtick fail to translate for a modern audience (in contrast to some of the far superior actors on the show), but she seems to think comic acting is a purely physical exercise: the more you wave your arms around, the funnier you'll be. The extended Dunphy family applauds and shouts raucously throughout the debate ("go mom!") which is both inappropriate and annoying. The twee Brady Bunch ending, in which the entire clan erupts in laughter at Lily's behaviour during a friend's wedding, is the last straw. The laughter is forced; the bride looks distressed, and I can't help feeling that their friends must find the whole family profoundly obnoxious.
  • AMAZING !!!!!!!

    One of the best. Lily swears, Clare gets embarrassed, Gloria jumps in a swimming pool and the wedding was very good
  • Hilarious episode! Couldn't ask for more..

    This is probably the best episode of Modern Family till date! Just perfect! Frankly, I was a little disappointed to see that even this episode got only a 7.9 rating. Even HIMYM with some of its worst episodes ever is getting better ratings than this. Probably a lot of people have a screwed up sense of humor.
  • How can you NOT love this episode?

    Why is this episode so good? Because the extremely funny things that are done by Phil and Lily are totally in character! I think this is a really good episode, and a turn of events because season 3 hasn't been the best (espesially Lifetime Supply) but now season 3 is really funny, like it was in the first 4 episodes.
  • Season 3 has been weak for this show but I'm NOT lying when I say that this is the most HILARIOUS episode that I have ever seen this season

    The Dunphys coach Claire for her next debate and when it happens, things getting a little out of hand. Meanwhile, Gloria is mad that Jay coddles Stella over her, and while rehearsing for a wedding, Lily blurts out a new word that puts Cam and Mitchell on edge. Season 3 of "Modern Family" has been a weak and MIXED season. Half of the episodes are good and the other half of the episodes are just weak and boring (but NOT horrible though). The lowest I've given an episode of this show for Season 3 would have to be a score of a 6. Anyways, this season has had a few PERFECT episodes that were very funny BUT I'm gonna have to say that this episode outdoes those other PERFECT episodes this season. This is seriously the most HILARIOUS episode of "Modern Family" that I have ever seen this season. I laughed so hard from start to finish throughout this episode. The storyline was terrific and the humor was nothing but original and excellent. The plot with Jay thinking that Stella (the dog) is committing suicide by jumping in the pool due to Gloria hating the dog was hilarious. I was also hilarious when Gloria actually jumped in the pool to save the dog but the part that made it even more hilarious in that scene was when Jay told Manny to get the towel for the dog instead of Gloria and then Gloria gets mad at Jay and says "Oh yeah, the dog gets the towel but not your own wife" (or something like that). The Cam/Mitch plot with their baby Lily saying the "F" word was hilarious. Of course, they *bleep* the "F" word because this show does have a TV-PG rating. The other plot with everyone getting Claire ready for her debate was also hilarious. David Cross' appearance in this episode was also very amusing and I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy seeing David Cross guest star in this show because it's amusing every time even if it's in the weak episodes. The wedding scene near the end of the episode with Lily saying the "F word and everyone at the wedding was laughing was just so HILARIOUS. The closing bit with Stella (the dog) jumping in the pool because she wanted to get her chew toy all this time with that scene ending with Gloria getting mad at Jay was hilarious as well. Overall, out of all the episodes that I have seen this season (Season 3), this is BY FAR the most hilarious episode of "Modern Family" that I have ever seen..... this episode definitely deserves a PERFECT score, no doubt. 10/10
  • Amazing just Amazing.

    One of the best episodes of Modern Family i love this episode so much and loved that they made Lilly say the F word it was just hilarious every time she said it dunno why but every time i child swears or sais a bad word i laugh and the part where they talked about the dog trying to kill herself because she feels that Gloria hates her cracked me up this episode was so amazing in so many ways and so worth watching instead of the crappy American Idol. I just wish American Idol would just die and that people watch some true television instead of that crap.
  • Hilarious return for Modern Family

    I thought this was a great return for the show. It had several funny storylines. First let me comment on Claire and the family. The practice scene was hilarious and then it was outdone by the actual debate scene with Phil and the kids. I also found Claire's arm movements so funny during the debate as she tried to keep the kids' tips in mind but still had her mannerisms show through. Loved the cut to "it went viral" and then proceeded to show how someone auto-tuned Phil to make a song... man that was funny. The second storyline with Jay and Gloria also hit the good spot. Right from the beginning, Jay greets the DOG before Gloria which is so wrong because Gloria is insanely gorgeous. Then the whole situation with thinking the dog had suicidal thoughts.... hilarious. Finally, Gloria ends up in the pool to save the dog showing she does care about it. Lily was also funny but it paled in comparison to these other storylines. The writers wove these three stories with great success.