Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 8

Manny Get Your Gun

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Manny talking about his birthday and how his childhood has passed him by he tells that was almost too depressed to come. The scene flashbacks to thirty minutes earlier and Claire tells people to move it for the birthday party. Luke tells that he is ready to go and Claire tells him to look at his feet. He has no shoes on. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell are running around and Cameron stops for lotion and Mitchell tells that they don't have time for it. At Jay's Gloria is running around and Jay yells for Gloria to hurry up. Back at Claire and Phil's, Clair tells Phil to get going and he tells that he is just finishing up their application to Family Camp. They tell about the Family Camp and Phil tells that Claire is still sad for loosing because she was on the blue team and he was on the white team. He says "If you ain't white, you ain't right." Claire gets upset that Phil did not learn from last year. They show them coming back from Family Camp last year and the cabby is black and throws Phil's luggage. Phil has a shirt that says "If You Ain't White, You Ain't Right" on.

They are about to leave and Claire tells that they need to go one way and Phil tells that they are going to go another way because it is faster. They decide to take two separate cars. Luke walks in and Claire tells that Phil and her are splitting up and Luke tells that he is going with Phil, but Claire drags him away with her. At Jay's Manny comes out and asks how he looks and Jay tells that he looks like Al Capone. Jay gives Manny his present and it is a bee-bee gun. Gloria comes in and asks where his keys are and Jay asks where the last place she left them. Manny tells that it is for ages 16 and up and Jay tells that Manny was born 16 and tells that he never was a kid. Manny starts to rethink his time as a kid. Phil is in the car and he is breaking the law to try to beat Claire and in Claire's car, she is doing the same. Phil, Haley and Alex start talking about the fact that Claire nags about everything and thinks that she is right all the time and Phil almost crashes the car. Luke asks why Claire and Phil are breaking up and she tells that they aren't, but then stops and asks why Luke picked Phil to go with. Meanwhile Phil is repairing the tire and Alex is upset because Claire is going to win. Phil tells that it is good practice for Family Camp, but in a side scene, the girls don't want to go back.

Mitchell and Cameron are still looking for a present for Manny and Cameron keeps talking to people. An old man is trying to get someone's attention and Cameron helps him out by shouting down to her. He tells that he loves her and the woman starts to walk away. Cameron tells that he is going to catch up to her and communicate on their cell phones. Back at Jay's Gloria is still looking for her keys and Jay tells that she always does this. In the other room, Manny attempts to make a prank call, but it backfires and he hangs up the phone. Jay and Gloria continue to argue and Manny mixes sodas together. He tells that it is disgusting. Jay finds Gloria's keys in his suit coat and puts it into Gloria's purse. Cameron and Mitchell are at the mall and the old man that Mitchell lends his phone to drops his phone. They meet downstairs and the woman asks what the old man's wife would think. Cameron feels embarrassed. Back in the car, Luke tells that Phil's fun and Claire isn't. Phil hears that the girls don't want to go to Family Camp and starts to cry. This starts up Haley and Alex too and they all cry. In Claire's car, Luke tells her not to cry and she isn't she tells that she used to be fun and tells him that he can't have 2 fun parents because it is a carnival.

At Jay's house, Gloria finds her keys after Jay tells her to check again. She hears them, but tells that there is nothing. Manny is in the back in the pool and is in the island float. He tells that he is not going. She tells that she has rescheduled three times and that he is not getting out of it. She comes out again and this time shoots the island and tells Manny to get out of the pool. Cameron tells that Mitchell needs to throw himself into things. Suddenly people start dancing and it is a Flash Mob. Mitchell jumps in and tells that a guy at his work told him about it and they rehearsed after work. Cameron feels betrayed and walks off. Back in the car, Luke tries to tell Claire that she does things fun, but it is Phil who has done everything. Claire tells that she can be fun and Luke tells that her way was faster. In Gloria's car, she asks if Jay put the keys in her bag and tells that she won't get mad. He admits that he did and she starts to hit him and asks for Manny's gun. In Cameron's car, he tells Mitchell cheated on him with choreography. Phil sees Claire up ahead and Alex tells that he can beat her. Claire and Phil drive fast and the families almost crash into each other.

Inside the restaurant, Manny tells that he was almost going to ditch out and then realized that if everyone could still act like kids and then he has a long ways to go still to be a kid. Everyone apologizes to each other and tells that they were acting childish. Later, Jay finds Gloria's keys on the floor again and goes to hide them again. This time Gloria is ready and shoots Manny's bee-bee gun at the lid in Jay's hand and tells him to put the keys down. They show more of the Flash Mob and the episode ends.