Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 8

Manny Get Your Gun

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2010 on ABC

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  • Halerious

    One of the most memorable.

    Hard the choose best bit.I liked Gloria shooting the island and the near car accident and Mitch's flash mob.
  • 30 minutes of funny

    This episode makes you laugh so much! (Btw Claire's way is faster! She was stopped way more than Phil)
  • Manny's Birthday

    This episode was decent but had some flaws. I like episodes where they show something (in this case Manny's birthday) and how it got there. I think that the stories could have been presented better like showing each storyline at once and then going to the next one. The story lines were still good. I liked seeing Claire and Luke together. It's funny how Claire tries to be this cool mom in this episode. Jay and Gloria had some good parts too. However Gloria was a little to "crazy Colombian" in this episode. She has pulled off in previous episodes and in future ones, but not this one. The best part was probably the story with Cameron and Mitchell. I thought it was really funny how Cameron helped two people together even though they were married to other people. The surprise that Mitchell had for Cameron was great but I thought Cameron over reacted a bit. Again like with Gloria, this is usually done very good but in this case it was too much. The ending was good and had that typical "nice" Modern Family ending but got soured a bit at the end. Overall, I thought this was a good episode.
  • 208

    Absolutely hysterical episode of Modern Family. Now I'm not usually impressed with this show, but this time around, I definitely was. I enjoyed all the story lines maybe minus the Cam & Mitchell story line but the flash mob was a funny surprise. Racing to a restaurant isn't new but it made the episode all the more entertaining. I usually don't like Manny-centric episodes, but even he was funny here.

    I found myself rolling my eyes when everyone began crying Phil's car, but that was just a minor flaw in the episode. The plot I definitely liked the most was Gloria's, the BB gun tie in was absolutely hysterical, I could not stop laughing when Gloria shot the BB gun at Jake. Claire was significantly funny as well. Great episode tonight (surprisingly!).
  • Manny's birthday is here, and the families all have trouble getting to it, including Manny himself.

    Sometimes, this show can stick to a format so closely that it feels like we're watching re-hashed jokes. And sometimes, the show finds unique ways to show this dysfunctional family coming together in the end. This episode was another good example of what "Modern Family" does write and other shows do wrong.

    A lot of people claim they can't see why this show is Emmy-worthy, but I will always argue that the show, while maybe not being laugh out loud funny every second, is more realistic and is easier to connect with. Take, for instance, the plot where Phil and Claire are trying to see who can get to the restaurant first and decide to race in separate cars. Along the way, both parents are confronted with different ideas that parents do come up across: being an un-fun parent and having their children out-grow them. Both plots lead to hilarious moments, including Phil crying, which makes the other girls cry, and Luke and Claire having a discussion about what it means to have two fun parents and one who's serious and one who's not.

    With Cam and Mitchell, they are at the mall before Manny's party and Cam meets an old man who is trying to win back the heart of his wife (or who they think is his wife). Mitchell disagrees with this, and Cam gets upset that Mitch is so uptight. However, the table's are turned when it turns out that Mitch was actually a part of a flash mob, which is the reason why he disagreed with spending so much time helping the old man. For me, it was the weakest part of the night, but it was fun nonetheless.

    And although I'm usually not a fan of Jay, Gloria and Manny's plots, I was actually really interested in what was going on here. In a fun jab at how Manny is mature for his age, Jay gets Manny a BB gun and explains it's age appropriate because it seems like Manny was born 16 years old. Manny takes this to heart and tries to do things that children do to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, Gloria loses her keys and Jay tries to keep her a lesson about cleanliness.

    Like most episodes of the show, everybody comes together and learns their lesson, and today, the whole point was that the adults were acting more like children than the children themselves. The show never pushed that too much though.. other lesser sitcoms would milk that premise for all it's worth, but this show is more subtle about it.

    There were some funny moments here too.. Manny was great today, and I thought it was hilarious when he was laying on the float in the pool, looking depressed as hell. Meanwhile, I died laughing when Phil claimed that "if you ain't white, you ain't right," referring to his team at a family camp (the white team), and then we're given a short scene showing him wearing a T-shirt that says this with a black cab driver mad about it. The show sometimes resorts to typical sitcom humor, but today, there was a lot of subtle jokes. The show does a good job of blending new and old style of humor, and I really like it.

    So far, the show has been great this season, with only a few speedbumps along the way.
  • If there was an episode to watch this season, this was it.

    From Goria's shooting skills to Manny's age depression to the flash mob, I was laughing practically every moment. The slowest and least important part was the old couple, but when I thought about it, it was a good lead-in for Cam being ultra-romantic and over-sensitive and Mitchell showing off his more playful side with the flash mob. I started laughing at the beginning with the white team shirt. Then, when Luke and Phil both noticed they weren't wearing shoes and each said, "C'mon [insert name]." I really love their relationship. I know I am mean but I also cracked up when Claire realized Luke thought they were really splitting up and he immediately wanted to go with his dad.

    I could ramble on for a long time, but I had to watch the episode twice and even replay parts as I was watching. Didn't get a 10 because of the ridiculous scene with the elderly couple. Check it out!
  • It's a race between Clarie & Luke against Phil, Haley & Alex to see who gets to Manny's birthday first.

    Manny is giving a birthday speech an30 MiNUTES EARLiER

    Cam-Mitchell: So they are in the mall, trying to get a gift for Manny, & Cam stops everywhere. They try to help an old couple back together, but then the ol lady says Donald has a wife. Then Mitchell suddenly joins a mob flash and Cam feels coreograph-cheated. Jay-Manny: Jay gets a bibi gun for Manny and tells him it's ok for him to use it cause he was born 16. manny realises he let his childhood slip away. Meanwhile Gloria lost her keys and when Jay find it on one of her ocats, he hides them in his purse. Gloria reaizes what he did and is mad at him. Gloria shoots Manny's island.

    Dunphy's: So Claire & Phil race to the restaurant. Haley tells Phil that they don't want to go to family camp again and starts to cry, making Haley & Alex cry. On the other car Claire tries to prove Luke that she is a fun parent too. Both cars (plus Gloria's and Cam's) accelerate and all brake all in fornt of each other.

    Now...Manny's speech. He says he believed he let his childhood slip away, but after seeing all of them behave as kids, he realoizes he has plenty of time left.

    Overall: Great episode. I liked at 4 plots. 9/10.
  • 11/17

    Modern Family is always good for a few laughs, but the fact of the matter is that this show just does not consistently amuse me in any way. I am not saying that it is not funny from time to time, but is it worthy of an Emmy? They do have a great group of actors and actresses, a good cast, and they come up with creative storylines, like in today's episode, but when you watch a sitcom your ultimate goal is to laugh. I think this show tries too hard to be a fast-moving Arrested Development kind of program, but it just is not.

    And an episode revolving around Manny? Don't want to see anymore like that again.