Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 14

Me? Jealous?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • Mixed

    Dunphys could of been better. Rest were good though
  • Claire/Phil plot was the weakest plot in this episode

    Claire believes that Phil's business partner is inappropriate, but Phil, always being very trusting, cannot be convinced. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cam stay with Jay and Gloria while their house is being fumigated. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Modern Family". Only problem with this episode was that Claire/Phil plot wasn't that great... it was just boring and it made no point plus all of the jokes in that plot were lame especially when Phil said "Okay, you can sleep with my wife, you can make her laugh... oh no, wait... you CAN'T sleep with my wife nor make her laugh etc." (that part was also a little bit of filler because Phil went on and on in that part). The Mitch/Jay plot was pretty good, not funny, but it was pretty good and it's a little better than the Phil/Claire plot but not as good as the Cam/Gloria plot. Now the Cam/Gloria plot is where I definitely laughed the hardest and the storyline in that plot was executed well and it was perfectly written. Funniest part is definitely when Cam and Gloria are dancing in the kitchen. So yeah, the episode wasn't the best but it was close to being PERFECT though. Overall, a superb episode of "Modern Family". 9/10
  • SO funny!!!

    One of my favourites! The Cam/Gloria plot was SO funny and creative!!! The only lacking plot was the Mitchell/Jay one.
  • Another great episode..

    Phil tries to finalize a deal with a customer ,but Claire doesn't seem to be too comfortable...Cam & Gloria get territorial...

    Another funny episode from the series...Even though it lost some steam in the middle,it was able to finish off neatly..
  • Fantastic

    'nuf said. No, really, this was a great episode following last week's. I thought Phil totally killed it. Phil knows every detail of their new friends' house but doesn't get the fact that his new friend kisses everyone on the lips. Claire's reactions were priceless. Gloria and Cam were also hilarious stepping over each other. Then at the end, in the kitchen, that was so good. The Dunphey kids were pretty funny too, along with Manny's recounting of stories to get Gloria and Cam to reconcile. And Jay and Mitchell rounded out this episode. Great one overall. Found myself laughing quite a bit.