Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 14

Moon Landing

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Everyone was good here

    It really was amazing. Could be one of the best episodes but I think the best ones are in seasons 2 and 3.

    But nevertheless it was good
  • laughing all the way through.

    Cam and Jay have a moon landing.

    Gloria is a terrible driver.

    Claire brings home a friend to impress her but is disappointed because Luke is in his underwear, Alex is chasing a rat, and Haley is fighting with her boyfriend.
  • Claire hangs out with high school friend, Mitchell helps out Gloria, Jay hangs out with Mitchell

    I enjoyed this episode. Every part was funny. Seeing Claire trying to out top her friend to only have her friend out top her with her life. It's interesting to see how a person can make choices and how it affects their life. I think it was funny when Claire brought her friend to her house and how everything was going wrong. It was classic "sitcom my" but it worked. The part with Mitchell and Gloria was funny too. I think it was funny when Manny was tieing his shoe, pretending he was not talking to Mitchell, hoping Gloria doesn't find out. I also thought it was funny that Jay was not surprised when he thought Gloria hit ten cars. The third part with Jay and Cameron was also. I thought it was good this was done after Jay still dealing with Mitchell being gay. Like with Phil, he is not a fan of Cameron but for different reasons. I think its interesting that Cameron doesn't seem bothered by Jay insults. I think it was very funny when Jay thought he was bumping into Cameron and then realized it was not him. The expression was priceless. Again it had the nice ending when the family didn't hold it against Clare for going off on your family. While this is common, I am glad they don't do all the time and when it's done it doesn't make u roll your eyes.
  • Another good episode, with Cameron and Jay easily stealing the show here.

    As usual with a show like Modern Family (The Office, Parks, any other mockumentary or something similar), there was one specific plot in the episode that was working perfectly and two others that were definitely not as powerful. Fortunately, the show has a good way of letting all of these plots come together at the end and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Modern Family has begun to come into its own, and this was another great episode in a string of excellent ones.

    Every actor had good scenes to work with and had a chance to shine, even Dylan, who's not even a main character in the show. At first, I thought that Jay and Cameron's plot would be the funniest, based on commercials, but it turned out to be one of the weaker ones. It was the Dunphy family that brought the laughs, with Claire and Phil's plots intertwining perfectly. The way the show finds a way to tie back to things they said earlier in the episode is great, as was Phil's description of what Jagermeister is to Luke (when Luke brings it up later, it's amazing timing and the joke lands perfectly). I wasn't a fan of Minnie Driver in this episode at all, and found Claire's reactions to her dysfunction to be funnier than the dysfunction itself.

    Mitchell and Gloria also had one of the weaker plots, with Mitch agreeing to take her on as a client after she gets in a car accident that's not her fault, though Manny soon informs him that it was indeed her fault. It had some funny lines, particularly from Mitchell, but overall, it sort of fell flat.

    And before, when talking about Jay and Cameron, I'm not implying their individual plot was bad; it was just short and sort of random, although it DEFINITELY had it's funny parts: mostly Cameron trying to yell to Mitch on the phone that him and Jay had a moon landing before Jay can hang up. Amazing work by that actor, who is proving episode after episode to be one of the stronger actors on the show.

    Luckily, the episode was strong all around, and every actor helped lend to the humor.
  • Moon Landing

    I was late to start watching Modern Family, partially because of the commercials. ABC always showed scenes that simply were not funny, and that deterred me from watching. The "moon landing" and later the "splash down" were not the highlights of this episode in any way.

    I just do not like Cameron. Occasionally he willm have a good line, but most of his jokes just fall flat. There are so many good gay characters on TV, but this is just not one of them.

    Phil was responsible for the best part of this episode yet again. Him being stuck in a porta potty that had a car in front of it is just brilliant.