Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 14

Moon Landing

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Claire hangs out with high school friend, Mitchell helps out Gloria, Jay hangs out with Mitchell

    I enjoyed this episode. Every part was funny. Seeing Claire trying to out top her friend to only have her friend out top her with her life. It's interesting to see how a person can make choices and how it affects their life. I think it was funny when Claire brought her friend to her house and how everything was going wrong. It was classic "sitcom my" but it worked. The part with Mitchell and Gloria was funny too. I think it was funny when Manny was tieing his shoe, pretending he was not talking to Mitchell, hoping Gloria doesn't find out. I also thought it was funny that Jay was not surprised when he thought Gloria hit ten cars. The third part with Jay and Cameron was also. I thought it was good this was done after Jay still dealing with Mitchell being gay. Like with Phil, he is not a fan of Cameron but for different reasons. I think its interesting that Cameron doesn't seem bothered by Jay insults. I think it was very funny when Jay thought he was bumping into Cameron and then realized it was not him. The expression was priceless. Again it had the nice ending when the family didn't hold it against Clare for going off on your family. While this is common, I am glad they don't do all the time and when it's done it doesn't make u roll your eyes.
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