Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 9

Mother Tucker

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Hailey getting tutored by a boy named David. Alex is getting ready to go to Chello lessons and Hailey can't get the answers. Claire comes downstairs and tells David to take a break so he won't want to quit. Alex is outside and she asks if they can send Hailey away. Claire goes inside to get a list and catches Hailey kissing David. Meanwhile at Mitchell and Cam's house, Cam's mother is coming for a visit and Mitchell tells that Cam loves his mother. She comes in and they hug. Cam says that she raised 2 kids, 2 barns and whole lot of hell. Mitchell tells that it could be a song. Mitchell tells that his complaint is the inappropriate putting of her hands on his body. The scene shows her cuddling and inappropriately touches Mitchell.

At Jay and Gloria's, Jay tells that he is not going to mall because his stomach is feeling funny. She teases him and tells that she never could go to the hospital when she had the sniffles or dislocated shoulder. The scene shows Gloria relocate her shoulder during a ping pong game with Manny. On his computer, Manny looks up the symptoms and Gloria tells him to go with her or she will shop angry. He reluctantly agrees to go with her. Back at Claire and Phil's, Alex doesn't understand how the dumb ones go after the dumb girls but why do the smart ones go for the dumb ones too. She asks who do the smart girls get. Phil comes in and tells that they get cats mostly. Claire tells Hailey that she is going to have to break it off with Dylan. Phil tells her to let him go gently and tells the story of how a girl once broke his heart and he cried over the school intercom. Claire tells that it was a long time ago and the next moment, Hailey tells that she broke it off through text. Phil sees the text that Dylan sends back and it is a frown.

Mitchell comes over to Claire's and talks to her about Cam's mother. She tells that it is because of his issue with boundaries. He tells that it is not. Claire starts to get close to Mitchell and he freaks out and tells that he has a force field. She laughs and tells that he needs to make sure that Cam sees the touching and let him decide. Dylan comes over and tells that he needs to get his things. He tells that he can't stop seeing Hailey everywhere. He looks at pictures on the wall and cries as he goes upstairs. Jay calls Manny and asks for the name of the website he was looking at and tells that he has more of the symptoms. Manny tells that he is playing the game of his life, even though it is mini-golf. Gloria comes up and Jay tells that he is talking to his work. At Phil and Claire's, Phil sees Dylan in Hailey's room and tells that it will be alright. He tells Dylan that he wrote a song about his pain when a girl broke up with him and tries to grab Dylan's guitar. He tells that he always wanted a guitar and Dylan tells that they can go down together and get one. Phil declines until he sees that Dylan is sad and agrees to go with him.

At Mitchell and Cam's, they are looking at yearbooks and Mitchell walks in and tries to get Cam to see that his mother touches him inappropriately. However, all Cam sees is Mitchell offering himself to her. He takes Mitchell into the bedroom and Mitchell confesses that Cam's mother is touching him. Cam grabs Lily's doll and asks where she is touching him. Mitchell goes on about the inappropriate touching and Cam's mother walks in. Cam tells that Mitchell stabbed his mother's heart. At a café, Phil sits down with Dylan and tells that he can do what he wants. Phil tells that he bought a sweater despite what his wife said about it being a girl sweater. He goes to the bathroom and Hailey sees Dylan sitting with an ice-cream and Phil's sweater. She asks the waiter if Dylan is with anyone and he tells that he is and they are thinking of going to Graceland together. She tells that the only reason why he wants to go to Graceland is because he thinks it is an Amusement Park.

Jay's condition is getting worse and Gloria catches them looking at the medical site again. She tells that they need to stop it. Jay tells that he needs 15 minutes and then Manny can tell Gloria that he went to the hospital. Hailey comes in and tells that Dylan has another girl already. Claire tries to convince her to stay with the smart tutor David. Dylan comes over and Hailey asks who the girl is. He tells that it is not a girl and then his phone rings. She calls the number back and it is Phil. He comes downstairs wearing the sweater. She freaks out and Dylan tells that Phil was offering support and he tells that he needs to stay away and love himself before he can love Hailey. Gloria goes to the hospital and Jay is there. The doctor comes in and tells that he has appendicitis and that he needs surgery. Gloria feels bad and stops Jay until he tells that she is forgiven. He forgives her and tells her to go back to not caring.

Cam's mom goes to the door and tells that she is sorry and Mitchell forgives her for the inappropriate touching. She goes inside to find Mitchell in the bathtub. He is uncomfortable again and she laughs it off and drops her bracelet. Cam enters to see that his mom has her hand in the tub where Mitchell is naked. He tells that it is inappropriate and she apologizes again. Cam takes a picture, not realizing that it is inappropriate. At Phil and Claire's, Phil goes up to Hailey and tells that he knew of her sneaking off with Dylan and that she needs to let him go now and move on. They hug. The next day, Phil is walking a talking to Dylan on the phone. Dylan went to Graceland by himself and is disappointed that there are no rollercoaster rides. A girl wearing the same sweater as Phil walks by and Phil takes his sweater and throws it in the trash.