Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 9

Mother Tucker

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on ABC

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  • Halerious

    Tucker-Pritchetts were best

    Im afraid the Dunphys would be last place again.

    Cams mom was great.
  • Those Crazy Tuckers

    You just know that Cam's mom is going to be like that. This was a really good episode except for the Jay plot.
  • Okay, I thought that the title was something in the lines of "CoalDigger", like meaning another thing...

    3 plots, 1 episode (I realiose that was stupid).

    Mitch plot: His mom comes to visit, and she like touches Mitchell's ass and mouth kisses him. But Mitch can't tell Cam cause he is very sensitive about his mom. So he tells him, and Mother Tucker overhears, getting saaad. later, she goes to apologize while Mitch is in the tub and drops her braclewt and tries to grab it. Cam then walks in and tells Mother Tucker that Mitch is unconftable and she leaves.

    Jay plot: Jay feels a little stomach ache. But Gloria says i shouldn't be anything. Manny is addicted to a docotr's site. Then Jay tries to to chekc what it he having from the site but Gloria tells them to shush. Jay goes to the hospital anyways and is diagnostizised with apenddisitis. Gloria replies "Why do I always almost kill all my husbands!" and Jay says he preferred her angry then whiny.

    Dylan plot: After Claire catches Haley making out with her tutor (We only do this when I get one right!), Clarie makes her brake up with Dylan. He is devastated, and Phil starts to hang out with him behind Haley's back. Haley sees Dylan at a restaurant, a jacket in a chair (Phil's) and a 2-person sundea. SHe thinks he is seeing someone. Later at home she sees Phil with the same jacket and he tells her he was devastated and that if your said "it was a relationship woth having".

    Overall: I only liked the Haley plot cause it was funny. Mitchell's plot was a little disturbing and Gloria's plot was fairly obvious. 8/10.
  • Another "meet the family" episode

    I liked last week's episode, but this episode was another of those that felt sub-par for a show that won Best Comedy. I've loved this season of "Modern Family," but man, it felt like we've seen this situation before: one of the family members meeting with their parent, who is more dysfunctional than the last parent.

    I'm not saying the episode wasn't funny, because there were some great moments, but the overall quality of the episode felt diminished mostly because this felt like a re-run of the same old idea. It's nice when a comedy show or even a drama show finds its comfort zone, but sometimes, the quality can be detracted if they stick too closely to it.

    I won't deny that it wasn't funny; despite the plot of the mother being overdone in the show, it was funny to watch Mitch's personal space being heavily invaded by Cam's mom. I also like that we weren't given another stunt-casted celebrity to play Cam's mom. I didn't recognize the actress and that made it a little more believable. I did enjoy Phil's plot as well... for me, it was Phil and Mitch's episode, and Phil once again proves how great of a comedy actor he is.

    For the most part, however, this was a sub-par episode in comparison to some of the other hits this season has had.
  • Cameron's mother visits and Hailey breaks up with Dylan again

    This was a better episode then the last one which isn't saying much. I liked how the touching that Cameron's mother did was perfect on the borderline of appropriate and inappropriate touching and how Cameron didn't notice even though it was right by him. I also liked how Cameron's mother in no way was coming on to Mitchell. In the second story you see Hailey break up with Dylan this time for real at least for now. The way she does it shows how technology has changed. (she did by texting) It was funny how she thought Dylan already found someone when it was actually Phil. It was funny how Phil didn't realize that shirt was actually a women's shirt. I liked at the end of the episode, when he was talking to Dylan and realizes his shirt is a women's shirt and how he casually takes it off. I also enjoyed he tried to cheer up Dylan. In the third part you see Jay have some problems with his stomach. It was funny how Gloria was making fun of him and then over reacting when she found out Jay actually has. The best part might been the part where Gloria dislocated his shoulder and to fix it just banged her shoulder against the wall. Overall this episode was a good one to watch.
  • Mother Tucker

    I am not a big fan of comedy shows, but shows like Modern Family or 30 rock (not to mention old ones like 3rd rock from the sun or classics like Seinfeld) always make me laugh enough to watch them every week.
    "Mother Tucker" was a funny episode. It wasn´t as good as the show can be from time to time, but it had some really good scenes, like the one with Mitchell in the bathtub, and the final scene with Phill throwing the jacket away (don't want to spoiler the whole episode).
    Overall, Modern Family is doing a good job developing its amazing cast this season, and this show never disappoints me.
    Oh, I forgot! No Luke this week?! C'mon, he's the best!!!
  • 209

    A good episode of Modern Family. I watched a couple episodes in season 1 last year, but nothing about this show got me enticed to watch the next week. To me, this show is good for a few laughs but that's about it. Lets face it, this show isn't the most original thing on television. I mean the mockumentary thing has been over done, and you think you'd expect more from an Emmy award winning series, but watching this episode in season 2 just let me know that this show doesn't have much to offer. Still I don't think it deserves immediate bad ratings either like it gets on this site. Sure, it's funny at times, but the characters aren't really instantly likable, and the heart warming moments just fail miserably. The father was the best thing about this show with him getting attached to his daughter's boyfriend, I just found the whole idea quite hysterical. Okay episode, funny at times.
  • 209

    Another episode of Modern Family, another pretty mediocre episode of comedy. I cannot stand people that say this is one of the best shows on television; I really have to question their eyesight and hearing with comments like that.

    Phil's relationship with Dylan was kind of funny here, but this is something that the show has already used too much. We get that he is supposed to be the clueless dad, but it's almost gotten to the point of being tiresome by now. It's definitely not original anymore.

    The Mitchell "touching" storyline was just terrible though. And did we even find out how Jay's thing ended?

    Poorly constructed Modern Family tonight.