Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 9

Mother Tucker

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on ABC

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  • Okay, I thought that the title was something in the lines of "CoalDigger", like meaning another thing...

    3 plots, 1 episode (I realiose that was stupid).

    Mitch plot: His mom comes to visit, and she like touches Mitchell's ass and mouth kisses him. But Mitch can't tell Cam cause he is very sensitive about his mom. So he tells him, and Mother Tucker overhears, getting saaad. later, she goes to apologize while Mitch is in the tub and drops her braclewt and tries to grab it. Cam then walks in and tells Mother Tucker that Mitch is unconftable and she leaves.

    Jay plot: Jay feels a little stomach ache. But Gloria says i shouldn't be anything. Manny is addicted to a docotr's site. Then Jay tries to to chekc what it he having from the site but Gloria tells them to shush. Jay goes to the hospital anyways and is diagnostizised with apenddisitis. Gloria replies "Why do I always almost kill all my husbands!" and Jay says he preferred her angry then whiny.

    Dylan plot: After Claire catches Haley making out with her tutor (We only do this when I get one right!), Clarie makes her brake up with Dylan. He is devastated, and Phil starts to hang out with him behind Haley's back. Haley sees Dylan at a restaurant, a jacket in a chair (Phil's) and a 2-person sundea. SHe thinks he is seeing someone. Later at home she sees Phil with the same jacket and he tells her he was devastated and that if your said "it was a relationship woth having".

    Overall: I only liked the Haley plot cause it was funny. Mitchell's plot was a little disturbing and Gloria's plot was fairly obvious. 8/10.