Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 12

Not in My House

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • Halerious with Gloria and Barclay

    A very good episode..
  • LOL!!

    The dog buttler was very funny.

    Phil's behavior is really funny.

    The wedding was funny.
  • Claire finds a "picture" and Jay gets a "butler dog"

    Another funny episode. I enjoyed all three parts. The part with Claire finds the picture on the computer was great. This was another episode where Phil tries to cover up a mistake he made. What I like most about this episode was that he was not a creep and is not into that kind of thing. It's what makes him a dorky but loveable husband. The second part with the butler dog was good too. As passionate as Gloria, it's funny to see how scared she of that dog. The third part with Mitchell and Cameron and their fight was good to see. Their fight was not something that made you feel uncomfortable and shows while not a prefect but still a good couple. I like that ii didn't end on a perfect note. Another episode that makes you laugh from start to end.
  • I think this episode was great! I love the confusion everyone gets into in this show. The good intentions of Cameron always get in the way. He thinks he can fix everything, and he ends up having to pay.

    You have to love the father, Phil. He gets an email of a topless woman and the mother blames the son. Of course Dad doesn't step up and take the blame, he tries to cover it up. He has a chat with his son thinking this will fix everything. This is hilarious and reminds me of the episode with the bike. Meanwhile, Cameron's good intentions get him in trouble with his partner. The Spanish translations alone were hilarious.

    And who can forget the "Dog Butler"? The positions he was in with Jay were nothing short of genius. Nearing the end when he is in front of the altar, ROFL.
  • Barkley and Caesar Salad!

    This definitely wasn't the best episode of Modern Family, but it had some moments that were bizarre and hilarious that lifted the episode up a bit for me. As usual, there was also at least one plot I wasn't a fan of at all, but I guess that's to be expected when you cram in so much characters and whatnot into an episode (although Arrested Development never had that problem).

    The introduction of Barkley and how he frightened Gloria so much was one of my favorite plots in awhile on the show, not necessarily because of the humor but because of how random it was. A dog butler is the last thing I would expect from the show, but they did a good job of making me believe it. I also thought Cameron and Mitchell's plot was good simply because of how great Mitchell was. His reaction to Cameron nearly calling the guy Caesar Salad and during the tag, reacting to him saying "maturity" with an English accent, were excellent. The plot itself was a little dumb, but it tied into the Barkley plot with Jay and Gloria well.

    I didn't really like the Jay and Claire plot, mostly because it consisted mostly of just the kids arguing nonstop.. It was clever how the diary plot tied in with the picture one, but other then that, I just wasn't a fan. However, seeing Alex thinking her dad was hitting her kid when she just mentioned it to her mom was a good addition.

    I think people shouldn't go into this show watching it expecting the "best new comedy since Arrested Development" or something like that. Just watch it and enjoy it as a great comedy, and nothing more. It really makes it better when there's not absurb expectations to live up to.
  • not in my house

    Another fairly average episode of Modern Family tonight. While the show is worth watching, how people can consider it one of the best television shows out there is beyond me. You will get a few laughs, but you don't really see too many "lol" moments like you do on a Curb Your Enthusiasm, for example.

    Phil and Jay were the only really funny people on this episode. Jay's scenes and explanation for Barkley, the dog butler were great. When they have him as the goofy old guy, that is when he is at his best.

    Other than that though, not exactly a memorable one.