Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 12

Our Children, Ourselves

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Alex doing her homework and moving her jaw around. Claire tells Phil that she has been reading and Alex has signs of Excessive Compulsive Disorder. She goes up to Alex and tells her to take a break. Luke tells that she is doing the jaw thing every six seconds. He tries to trow a grape in her mouth and misses and covers it up to the fact that Alex needs to eat and he was doing it out of love. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell are shopping and Cam tells that he loves the harmonica that Mitchell gave Lily, but Mitchell tells that he didn't give her one. Cam tells that stealing is wrong to Lily, but tells Mitchell that they are not going way back to the store. Tracey, Mitchell's high school girlfriend, comes up and Cam tells that he has had a lot of girlfriends. He starts to name off characters from musicals. They reminisce and Mitchell offers to hang out and she leaves. Mitchell tells that on his 10 year reunion, they had sex. Lily has stolen a pair of sunglasses. He calls her a naughty girl and Mitchell tells that is what happens when he has Kalula.

Jay is driving and Gloria calls him. She tells that the Hoffmans are wanting to hang out with them. Jay tells that he doesn't like them and Gloria tells that they are already at the house. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil go into Alex's room and tell her to take a break. Alex tells that Sandzej could get a higher grade then her and doesn't want that to happen. They take her out and have her jump on the trampoline. She is not happy. Back at the shop. Cam tells Mitchell to ignore that he was with a girl and Mitchell sees Tracy give ice-cream to a little red haired boy. At the restaurant, the Hoffmans are having fun. Jay tells them that they don't need to force a friendship and tells that they are not going to see each other again. However, Gloria tells that the Hoffmans are staying with them tonight.

At Cam and Mitchell's, Cam tells that he put milk in the sauce to make it creamier. Mitchell tells that he needs to talk to Cam and immediately Cam thinks that Mitchell doesn't like the meal. Mitchell tells that he saw Tracey with a little boy that looked 8 years old and tells that it has been 8 years since their time they had sex. Cam tells that he needs to be able to deal with it and starts to panic a little. At Jay's, Gloria tells that the Hoffmans are calling a cab and Jay tells that he will be happy when they leave. Manny comes in with a dribble cup and ask if Gloria is thirsty. She tells him to invest in things that are meaningful. Gloria tells that he shouldn't be rude like that. Gloria goes downstairs and the Hoffmans are about to leave and Gloria has a gift from them and she is grateful. She lies and tells that Jay's mind is going. They agree to stay.

The next morning, Mitchell tells that they need to talk about the fact that he might be a father to Tracey's kid and Cam tells that they need to be happy that it is another life. Mitchell cries on Cam's shoulder. At Claire and Phil's Clair tells that "Croctopus 3D" is playing and they book tickets. Alex tells that she got the second highest score in the and tells that Sandzej beat her out. She tells that she is going to have to do the best with what she has been given and leaves. It takes them a moment, but Claire realizes that Alex made fun of them. Meanwhile, Manny goes into the kitchen and the Hoffmans say hi. Upstairs, Jay tells that he is going to apologize and Gloria tries to stop him. The Hoffmans talk to Manny about Jay's "condition" and he tells that he is alright. Jay comes up and apologizes. Manny gives Jay juice from the dribble cup and Jay wants to know what is wrong with him. Jay offers to drive them but they decline because Manny told them that Jay is a horrible driver.

Claire and Phil are at the movies and run into the Patels, Sandzej's parents. They ask if they are going to see the French movie and they tell that they are. When the Patels leave, Phil walks over to Croctopus 3D. Claire tells that they are going to suffer through the French movie for their daughter. However, at the beginning of the movie, Phil has enough and leaves to go to Croctopus 3D. Claire stays there and Phil has a fun time in the 3D movie. At the end of the movie, Phil comes in and wakes up Claire. She feels bad for falling asleep. Phil tells that they are good parents because Alex has achieved higher then what they did. In the lobby, Mr. Patel is struggling with the parking validation machine and Claire and Phil help him out. They leave feeling a little smarter and then bump into a locked door that says "Not an Exit".

Cam and Mitchell arrive at Tracey's and tell that they wanted to talk. Mitchell asks why she never told him and Tracey tells that they never talked after the reunion. He tells that she saw her with someone. She tells that his name is Bobby and she tells that she called him, but he never called her back. Mitchell asks if they can get to know Bobby. They give the present and tell that they want to meet him. However, Bobby is not an 8-year-old boy, but a man. They feel awkward and the gift is a baseball glove with "Little Slugger" written on it. Cam tells that he will leave them alone to catch up. Later, Jay talks to Mitchell about Tracey and he is shocked to hear that he had sex with a girl. However, when Mitchell starts to name girls from musicals, Jay tells that he is not dumb and tells that Mitchell played that record night and day. He is embarrassed.