Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 12

Our Children, Ourselves

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2011 on ABC

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    A weak episode of Modern Family tonight, this was definitely not the case last week. Last week, I laughed throughout the entire thing. For this episode, I may have laughed once or twice, but that's really about it. The midget? Really? We all knew he wasn't going to have an illegitimate child with another woman, but come on, the midget thing was just a little too ridiculous for my liking.

    Phil & Claire being stupid parents I did get a laugh out of, especially when they ran in to the sign that said "this is not an exit" but that' really about it. The Jay & Gloria story line - no laughter whatsoever. Hopefully this show gets back on track next week.
  • Jay is a jerk to Gloria's friends while Mitch believes he may have a kid from when he was straight

    After last week's episode, which was fantastic in my eyes, I was a bit disappointed by this one. There were so many little plot points introduced here that are shoved aside either too easily or given horrible resolutions. There was the occasional funny line from Jay or Phil, but for the most part, things fell flat, which is very rare for an episode of "Modern Family"

    I suppose what worked best was Phil and Claire's plot about feeling like inadequate parents compared to the parents of one Alex's fellow students. This leads to Claire questioning whether or not her and Phil are stupid or too simple compared to other people. The plot was pretty random and I doubt that Claire would truly worry about how dumb she and her husband were (we already know how ridiculous Phil is) but it lead to some great jokes, including a number of them revolving around a movie called Croctopus 3D. I also liked the whole idea of Claire and Phil finding romanticism and fun in seeing crappy movies together.

    However, from there, we get a couple of pointless, aimless plots that make no sense to me. Mitch and Cam meet one of Mitch's old girlfriends and he sees her with a red haired kid. He admits to Cam he had sex with her once in high school before coming out as gay This creates some great tension, and if the show actually had the guts to go through with the plot and have Mitchell have another kid.. of course, that would be too difficult. Instead, the kid was a midget. Lame.

    And the plot with Jay and Gloria was so pointless and weird that it's not even worth mentioning.. Gloria has some friends that annoy Jay, Jay is rude to them and Gloria says that he is senile. That's the extent. I did like Manny's cup that he made, but other than that, there wasn't necessarily anything laugh out loud hilarious about it.

    I did like last week's episode a lot, but this one felt like a couple of steps back. Let's hope next week will be a step in the right direction.
  • mixed episode.

    Mitch and Cam were funny at first but i feel like i don't want to see it again.

    rest was ok
  • Phil and Claire help Alex; Mitchell old flame; Jay and Gloria meet up with a past couple

    Another brilliant episode with three good parts. The "worst" part might have been the part with Gloria and Jay and that shows how good this episode was. The thing I liked about Jay is that he straight to the point. He doesn't do it because he is mean but just the way he is. You see that with the new couple that they meet previously. It was funny when this couple thought Jay was "out of it." When the couple was talking to Manny and Manny was talking about golf and they thought it was something else, it was very funny. The second part with Mitchell and Cameron was also good to see. In this episode we learn that Mitchell had "relations" with a women. I like that Cameron was never jealous or mad at Mitchell for his past. The whole situation when Mitchell finds out when he might have a son to his old flame's house was one the funnier parts of the episode. The third part with Phil and Claire was one of the highlights of this show. Seeing the dorky side of Claire is always good. I thought it was funny how Claire was trying to sit through the whole movie while trying to be interested in it.
  • Croctopus. In 3d!!!!

    Dunphys: Phil & Claire try to make Alex study a little less, but like that, she ends up being the 2nd best fo the class thanks to them. So they evenign, when P&C go to see Crocktopus in 3D, whey meet Sanjay's parents (the kid who is smarter than Alex). So they go to see the french film the Patel's were seeing. Phil leaves halfway to see Crocktopus.

    Jay-Gloria: so Jay is told that some annoying guys they met in Cabo came to stay over and he tells them over at the restaurant that he cna't stand them. He didn't know they were gonna sleep there. So Gloria tells them Jay is starting to go senile. The next day it's just the guys misunderstanding everyhting Jay says and them leaving.

    Camitchell: Mithcell meets with Tracey, a girl he had sex with before coming out. Then he sees her with a little figure and belives that it's his son. They go visit her and it turns out the little fugure was just Bobby, her midget boyfriend.

    Overall: Hey, decent, better than other comedies. 8/10
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    I was angry when tonight's episode of Modern Family was delayed by Barack Obama's speech about the shooting in Arizona, but as boring as that was, it ended up being the best thing during the 9:00 hour; it certainly was not this episode. For the second straight week I did not laugh at all during Cliched Family, and I found myself angry at Phil for stealing Michael Scott's candy joke from The Office. If he can claim that when he said he had some "Twix" up his sleeve he had not stolen that from when Michael Scott gave his speech to Ryan's class, he could have a career as a professional liar, or a lawyer, same difference.

    Not a good M Fam tonight.