Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 15

Princess Party

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on ABC

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    Elements of this story were fun: Cam's obsession with playing a clown at Lily's birthday party, and the twist which has Claire's ex-boyfriend falling for Claire's mom and Claire's mom subsequently fighting with Gloria over Jay. But Julie Bowen's overacting spoils it. She seems to feel she has to gesticulate wildly, flail her arms about, shake her head furiously, bare her teeth and deliver her lines in a voice that alternates between pitches so low and so high that she sometimes whispers and at other times literally squeaks. The scene in which she confronts Matt Dillon's character is quite painful to watch, and you can see every muscle in her body straining to get out her lines. I wish someone would take her aside and tell her that she doesn't need to overplay her scenes in this self-consciously manic way, but as she's now won an Emmy, I'm not holding my breath.
  • Very good and very memorable.

    One of the best ever episodes.
  • Lilly's Birthday

    She's back. It's the return of Dede. She was great in this episode. I think it's funny how she tries to keep it together only to explode. Her outburst was almost as good or (bad) as the incident in Season one. I enjoyed how Jay tried to cheer her up. It shows he has great character. I thought it was really funny when Dede went after Gloria and Phil said "I got Gloria!" Also funny was how offended Cameron was at the party for not being Fizbo. Scenes with Claire and her mother are always good and this was no exception. Great storyline with Dede dating Claire's boyfriend. Luke acting like a little kid was hilarious. A very good episode from bottom to top.
  • 215

    What do you get when you combine an overrated actor, an actress who hasn't been relevant since Cheers, and an annoying clown? Yep, you get the "Princess Party" episode of Modern Family.

    This was actually not that bad a show. Claire was kind of funny here, and Phil was not terrible. But the two guest stars, as I mentioned, Shelley Long and Matt Dillon, were absolute train wrecks. This show does not need to be reduced to stuntcasting to generate laughs.

    They tried too hard to have a Curb Your Enthusiasm style moment with Jay and Gloria leaving the answering machine message as well. That irked me a bit. Do people even own answering machines anymore?

    Some laughs here, but you know what it is, the show is just so overrated.
  • If I say beep won't they think it's the beep?

    Cam PLot:So Cam wanted t be Fizbo again for Lilly's bday, but Mitchell told him that it's a princess party. He tried to be a jester, but no. Then he made the princess go OOC. But when Claire's ex started to flirt with the princess, Mitchell asked him to go Fizbo.

    Clarie plot: So Deedee returned for the bday, and broght Claire's ex from highschool. Everyone but Haley was unconfortable with him. So after ex takes Deedee home, Phil & Claire see them kissingo nthe driveway. The next dat Deedee takes ex to the bdayk, and Phil, Mitchell, Jay & Claire think it's to spite them, but later Deedee says she always tries to hard to leave a good impresion on them and then fihgts Gloria.

    Gloria plot: So she bought Lilly a book to record about a fmaily of bears. Jay did a lousy job, and Manny didn't know he was voicing a girl. Later at the party Gloria wasdrugged to stand Deedee but ends up fighting with her Again.

    Overall: Good peisode. Good jokes scattered here & there. 8/10.
  • Cam and Mitch throw a princess party for Lily

    Another episode of Modern Family that isn't the type to blow you away but is good for a few laughs. The show has moments where it'll surprise me with a hilarious string of scenes and then make me cringe in the way it descends into cliche territory and has lines that feel as if the show has forgotten what made it so funny in the first season.

    It's Lily's birthday, and they want to throw her a princess themed birthday party. However, the build-up to the party is disastrous for each family unit. With Claire and Phil, Claire's mother Dee visits, this time bringing Claire's ex-boyfriend. I remember DeDe being a funny character in the first season, but this episode made her out to be WAY more dysfunctional than she was before, which was a little frustrating. It didn't help that they brought in Matt Dillion to play the ex-boyfriend, and he acted in a way that most normal people don't. I'm not a fan of when shows do dysfunctional characters just for the sake of doing dysfunctional characters. It's easy to understand why the families of this show are dysfunctional, but the supporting characters or guest stars tend to be way over the top for no reason other than to provide laughs.

    Anyways, enough of that.. while Phil and the kids were pretty funny, I actually liked the plot involving Mitch and Cam for the first time in awhile. I thought that they've been given some lame plots that fade into the background lately but this was a good moment for them to trade some barbs and have some great lines. I liked the return of Fizbo, especially since that was one of my favorite episodes the show has produced to date.

    Then we have Jay and Gloria's plot, which had all kinds of little storylines going on. There was some focus on the family trying to record a bedtime story for Lily and failing (I loved the message machine thing with the "beeps." This show gets the little moments pitch-perfect most of the time.) We also had a mini plot involving Gloria being nervous to meet DeDe again. Therefore, she takes a Xanax and Sofia Vergara gives a pretty great performance.

    Overall, when all is said and done, the episode is pretty funny but it's still getting certain things wrong. I feel like the show's humor has descended a bit, and I'm hoping they can reel me back in a little bit.