Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 15

Princess Party

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on ABC

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  • If I say beep won't they think it's the beep?

    Cam PLot:So Cam wanted t be Fizbo again for Lilly's bday, but Mitchell told him that it's a princess party. He tried to be a jester, but no. Then he made the princess go OOC. But when Claire's ex started to flirt with the princess, Mitchell asked him to go Fizbo.

    Clarie plot: So Deedee returned for the bday, and broght Claire's ex from highschool. Everyone but Haley was unconfortable with him. So after ex takes Deedee home, Phil & Claire see them kissingo nthe driveway. The next dat Deedee takes ex to the bdayk, and Phil, Mitchell, Jay & Claire think it's to spite them, but later Deedee says she always tries to hard to leave a good impresion on them and then fihgts Gloria.

    Gloria plot: So she bought Lilly a book to record about a fmaily of bears. Jay did a lousy job, and Manny didn't know he was voicing a girl. Later at the party Gloria wasdrugged to stand Deedee but ends up fighting with her Again.

    Overall: Good peisode. Good jokes scattered here & there. 8/10.