Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 16

Regrets Only

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2011 on ABC

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  • Very good BUT

    they were some moment were i needed it to slow down and not be so rushed. Clare massage was funny and Gloria Careoke was okay.
  • Listen up!

    Listening in a relationship was the jump point for all the shenanigans in this hilarious episode. It also features the best haircut scene ever. :)
  • Phil and Claire get into a huge fght and Cameron hosts a party

    Phil and Claire are good couple and like every couple they have fights. This one was intense. Most of their fights have a funny vibe and this one didn't. I think Claire overrated a bit, although justified a little. It's what dragged down the episode a bit. Cameron was great in this episode. It was funny how Luke helped or didn't help. Andrew was also funny. I think maybe Andrew and Cameron possible dated in the past. (Just my theory) Gloria was also good. The scene where she cuts Phil's hair was great to see. It's a callback the the mini crush Phil has on her established in previous episodes. I think Gloria's bad signing was funny. Despite some set backs this was a good episode to see.
  • 216

    Eh, it was only okay, it was better than the usual Modern Family installment but this show still isn't cutting it for me, and the fact that this is named the "best family comedy" escapes me, regardless, we did get a couple laughs on tonight's episode. I was actually for the most part interested in Phil & Claire's fight, to see what Claire was mad about, but by the end, I felt a bit disappointed. We could have gotten a bigger payoff but we didn't, and most of the fight was given away in the first 10 minutes of the episode.

    The Cam/Mitchell scenes were just way too generic and over played. Can this show be original and not cliche for once? Seriously. Hayley pretending to have a job was sort of amusing, but I felt like that could have been better too. The syrupy ending was just the craptastic bow on this entire episode. This episode just showed that this comedy is definitely overrated and it definitely does not deserve the "best family comedy" title just because it's a mockumentary-style series.
  • Claire and Phil fight about God knows what.

    Tonight, I found myself laughing more at this episode than I have for awhile with Modern Family. I thought the season started off pretty strong and started losing steam the further in it got.. however, if the show can adhere to the quality level of this episode, I'll be pretty content.

    The main plot of the episode seemed to be about Phil and Claire. Claire is furious at Phil for some reason and Phil can't figure it out. The episode is clever in the way it is able to stay true the documentary format, yet show flashbacks to try and lead up to the explanation of why Claire is so mad at Phil. We also have a minor plot involving Cam throwing a fundraiser for something I'm not entirely sure about and Mitch forgets to send out the invitations. It was a lesser plot, but equally funny.. but back to the first part.

    I really liked the way that the show was able to address minor things while still focusing on the main plot of Phil and Claire. For instance, there were a couple of broad humor moments that worked really well, mostly because they tied in with the episode as it progressed and because they didn't milk the moments for all they were worth. For instance, Claire getting a massage at the mall was hilarious, because they tied in Haley's plot somewhat to it, and it gave me my avorite line of the night ("You know, when you get a massage, you sound like a Tijuanian prostitute.")

    We also have the recurring theme of Phil liking Gloria. Gloria is giving Phil a haircut and keeps sticking her chest in his face.. and just seeing Phil's reaction to some of these things is priceless. It was minor, but in the grand scheme of things, it worked well. And for the second episode in a row, I liked the plot with Cam and Mitch. I don't feel as strong about their relationship as I did the first season, but I really enjoyed seeing Cam get stressed out. Stressed out Cam is actually hilarious, moreso than normal Cam.

    Overall, I thought the episode was funnier than it's been lately, and I hope we get more episodes like this that just seem to flow better.
  • 2/23

    The latest episode of Modern Family had me bored to tears, well, not tears, but you get the point. The concept of not knowing what the fight was about was clever I guess, but the execution was just so poorly done and you cannot do that in today's comedy world. One bad episode like this and you risk alienating viewers, especially when you take into account how terrible the lead-out show Mr. Sunshine is.

    Speaking of overdone things, are we supposed to find Gloria singing to be funny? Yeah, that's never been done before, a comedy where someone sings poorly. Way to be original.
  • Luke & Haley saved it for me.

    So Clarie & Phl got into a fight last night and each thinks they were right, so while Clarie goes to the mall with Phil, Gloria cuts Phil's hair. Gloria then tells him everyhting he did wrong last night. Meanwhile Clarie tells feel that she feels like Phil never listens to her and listens to everyone else. Alex discovers from Manny that Haley isn't really working on the restaurant she says, so Alex proposes her parents to go to Haley's place. Haley then asks for food and takes it to her family. Then Clarie goes nuts cause of the listening thing and Haley uses that outrage as an excuse to be fired.

    Also, Cam organized an event and shove it on his nememsis face, but Mitchell forgot to send the invitations, and then he stuggles to make people and the band attend. He makes it. Also we had Phil giving Gloria a karaoke machine and him and Manny unable to think cause of gloria's shrill voice. Manny then tells her she sucks before Phil had to.

    Overall: It was a really meh episode with cliched plots. Luke & Haley saved it for me with their funny one-liners. 7.5/10.
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