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  • I am starting to hate Claire Dunphy...

    This show is funny and good, but I am starting to get annoyed by the character of Claire Dunphy. She's too bossy and too suspicious. Sometimes her actions make me angry and this is supposed to be a comedy !!!
  • I don't understand why the critics love it

    I used to really like Modern Family but I just got tired of it. It's funny because of the way it's a sitcom made to look like a reality show (the way the characters talk to the cameras). I might chuckle every now and then but I just don't get why it wins Emmys every damn year when it isn't that funny.
  • Overrated, but nice

    Overrated show (probably because of its Gay representation).
  • Best family show ever!

    First of all, i love the way they film the show, like its just a home video. second of all, i also love how they don't put annoying laughing effects after someone said something, thats supposed to be funny. It creates all these funny awkward moments. And last but not least, this show is awesome!!!
  • best family show ive seen in a long time

    If you think this show has nothing new to offer then you have no heart, are superficial, and aren't intelligent enough to understand the many layers of the plots/characters. If you think that all of the characters are one note stereotypes, then that is only a reflection of how you perceive people. Thats not the show's fault.
  • Funny, but repetitive

    Modern Family is often funny, but the more episodes you watch, the more you see how much the plots repeat. First, the problem is introduced at the beginning, escalated in the middle, and then solved immediately (usually by Jay), at the end. I call it the Modern Family Formula.

    The characters can get pretty annoying, especially the Dunphys. Haley and Claire are very unlikable and never make me laugh. Cam and Gloria can get a little annoying too, but they're still pretty funny.

    Overall, it makes me laugh, but the weak writing gets on my nerves.
  • Super Funny

    I love this show. I just recently got into it and I totally love it !!
  • Homesick Cure

    I always watch this show whenever I miss my family back in Australia.
  • Been watching since Day One...

    The show is still fresh and funny...
  • You guys are stupid

    This is a great show. I love all of the characters. One of my favourites. I don't know why all of you people hate it, this is a very funny show.
  • Modern Family Review!

    I believe Modern Family is a wonderful TV show! It is extremely humorous and makes you smile every time! Modern Family strength is not only that its funny but every single episode portrays a fantastic message whether it be about family, love or life it makes you think every time. The actors in Modern Family could not have been better chosen that got it perfect! For all those negative reviews on Modern Family, that's is your opinion but there are many others as well. This show is a wonderful representation of men, women, children and families. The three different families show all different scenarios that everyone can relate to! All these characters are enthusiastic, supportive, confident and compassionate. These traits are all wonderful and things we should all try to achieve. Modern Family definitely is an amazing show for these main three reasons, 1. The characters all have fantastic traits that can inspire many people, and they can be considered at role models. 2. it is a comedy, so its hilarious to watch! And everyone can relate to! 3. Because each episode explores a message that makes everyone think and most of the time put into action.

    Finally, my opinion is that everyone can learn a valuable lesson from Modern Family, not only about family but love, school, sport and life in general. It is a very funny show so i enjoy every minute of it! I Hope this has persuaded you to watch it either for the first time or to re-watch it to see if there is more you could get out of it instead of watching with a negative attitude. Thanks for reading :)
  • The sad state of comedy

    My family has been telling me how funny Modern Family is. So, I finally gave in and watched a few episodes. Not funny. Annoying, dull, stereotypical, idiotic, but not funny. Phil is a moron. I mean really? Who would marry someone so clueless? The Colombian woman screams constantly. Someone needs to tell her loud does not equal funny. The lawyer son needs to grow a set and his partner can only operate in hysteria. Where are the writers who gave us Lucy? It is insulting to see what most people now accept as humor. I'll go back to the Food Channel.
  • one of my favorites

    This show hilarious! My entire family watches and we laugh the whole time. There are so many scenes and phrases that we can relate too, meaning the things they do and say are things that my family does and says. This family is more upper middle class, and that's my family so being of the same social economic status could be why we can relate so much. Phil is the best! He is so goofy and innocent and truly fits the saying that men are just big boys, but he is a great dad and husband. I love Gloria and Mitch as well, cam and Mitch are the funniest couple. You can't say enough good things about this show. And I hate sit com's bit love this one
  • Same old, same old.

    While some parts are tolerable, most of it is just trite. It's pretty much your run-of-the-mill sitcom. Clueless dad, uptight mom, you get the idea. I'd rather watch something else.
  • great pugie 211

    Gloria is the best one and the funny one .
  • Why is this show on the air?

    I don't hate this show, I just think watching a blank wall is more interesting. And this comes from someone Disney is not paying to post a good review.

    My actual rating is -10.
  • should not be aired

    We don't need Gay people shoved on us to watch
  • Good TV show!

    That's a (very) good tv show! It's quite hard to describe it and how it is good to watch, because it's not "Freidns" funny or "HIMYM" funny.

    I don't know, it has something that makes it very enjoyable to watch!
  • Season 5

    Phil needs a haircut and has to get back to playing the role of a cool father and husband. He is playing a geek and its not suiting him well. Jay has become entirely too old, get him some younger clothes and contacts because he appears to be closer to 85 years old on the show and honestly doesn't fit into the role he is playing. Haley needs to get back to school or get an apartment, her role at home eating cereal after everyone appears to be gone for the day doesn't give any 19 year old hope. Pick one kid and give them a girl or boy friend and lets stop bringing in odd people to fill the void in this hit comedy. You have so much talent, find it within the cast.
  • Modern Family

    this show is really bad, Cant your writers think of anything, maybe you need new ones
  • pig latin

    How do you talk Black?Everybody used to speak pig latin not just hate the show,bad for kids to watch .ABC shame on you.
  • #ModernFamily

    I love the episode when Gloria doesn't know how to say helicopter, so instead she said tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck-tuck!#modernfamily
  • The Adventure

    Modern Family is hilarious, funny, and adventurous. Modern Family has also had sometimes where i would cry... Modern Family is a great show for families all over the world!!!
  • Bad Bad show

    Writers trying to make people think that showing sex and talking crudely is how people should be today - is wrong.

    I just wish more parents would realize the harm this show can do to their kids. I see it too often - kids thinking it was 'cool' to act like those they see on TV. No morality. No sense of right & wrong.

    Kids not thinking they need an education... etc.
  • Talent wasted on tasteless tripe

    Some great actors here but the writers need to lift their game. Agree with earlier reviewer that a lot of the characters are unlikeable, especially Haley. If the show wanted to portray this character as a spoiled tramp the part should've been cast differently. The actor in this role is too young looking. The way she dresses and acts encourages objectification of minors. She looks like a child wearing her mother's clothes. And the gay couple are totally unconvincing. While starting off very funny this show is deteriorating because it now has nothing meaningful to say. It is possible to make genuine comments on cultural mores and still be funny. This show started that way but has degenerated into lazy laughs. Suggest the gays instead of getting married, split. They're not convincing as a couple and some interesting story lines could come out of their parting of the ways.
  • Painful to watch

    Lately there have been a lot of bad, yet popular shows on TV, and this is one of them. I'll start with the unpromising premise. Its ANOTHER sitcom about a family. You know because there aren't enough of those. Good writing can make a clich premise good, but here it doesn't. The writing in this show is generally bad from the episode plots, to the characters, to the humor. All seems half assed and unoriginal. This show features an entire cast of characters. Only 2 of which are likeable. The rest are either boring, mean, or stupid. None of which is enjoyable to watch. These characters are not unique or special in any way. You have a cool, laid back dad (Phil), An uptight clean freak mom (Claire), A slutty, spoiled teenager who complains about everything (Haley) and your smart and dumb kids (Alex and Luke). This is pretty much the model for sitcom families since television was invented. (The smart and dumb kid thing has already been done by the Simpsons with Bart and Lisa). There's other characters too, like an old guy and hot Latino chick who do absolutely nothing and the single most annoying gay couple in the world. These characters aren't that great. There is an episode where Gloria pretends to be pregnant so that Claire can get away with shoplifting (and I am supposed to like these characters). The humor is just as bad as the characters. Most of the humor in this show relies on weak one liners (Claire: I will pay you $10 to put some clothes on, Alex: I bet that's not the first time she heard that). It relies on bland sex and toilet humor as well.

    The biggest reason I hate this show is because of one character. I absolutely despise everything about this character. In fact if it wasn't for this one character I might have given the show a 5 or 6. This horrid character I am speaking of is no other than Haley. Her character is so despicable because

    -She is mean, She posts embarrassing pictures of Alex on Facebook and never gets in trouble for it

    -She is stupid, I'm sure even the dumbest teenagers know that rubbing your cell phone on your head won't charge it

    -she is selfish, It was the cop's fault she got kicked out of college, not her own

    -she is rude, She insults people for actually being intelligent and having lives instead of being a piece of shit slut like herself

    -she is spoiled, She comes home wasted from parties all the time and her parents never kick her ass for it and when her parents say she is not allowed to use technology she hides her cell phone in soap and still uses it.

    -she complains about everything, If the slightest thing doesn't go her way she bitches.

    This show has a lot of bad jokes and bad writing. But what definitely puts the icing on the garbage cake is that abominable horrid teenage slut, Haley

    Gloria is amazing in this and everyone is good....
  • Modern Family losing its mojo!

    Used to love it because the characters were so different and refreshingly unlikeable at times.

    Now though it is all getting a bit tired.

    Sometimes Phil seems a leeettle bit creepy as does Jay.

    Best character is "Lily"!

    Hope next season is fresher!
  • Warm and fuzzy

    Every time I finish an episode of this show I end up liking the characters more and more. I actually love the fact that the jokes are delivered subtlety (in my opinion).

    Fantastic show and I would definitely recommend it to other people
  • Scheduling Grievances

    I actually like Modern Family but don't understand how they can dick around their viewers on a regular basis and get away with it??

    An episode a month!? I mean come on how may breaks does this show need?? We are talking here about a studio based sitcom with 20 minute episodes. Surly filming them isn't such a tasking job!!

    I took a cue from last year and only started watching this season about 10 episodes into it but that did me no good as they release new episodes in glacier pace.

    I think next year I'm just not going to bother and wait till the full season aired before sitting down to watch it.

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