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  • i can't believe....

    the number of people on here that are angry or dismissive of this SITCOM-COMEDY series, based solely on the fact that it doesn't depict the lifestyle of the lower middle class. honestly, how often (if ever) are producers at ABC trying to depict true middle class life. this show isn't meant to be extremely poignant or demanding. the show is meant to be light-hearted and funny while, sometimes, attempting to tackle various social issues. give the show a break. it's not life changing, but it never promised to be. it's just a good time.
  • Meh - Not my Taste

    I don't actually like Modern Family, I guess it's just not my taste of humour. I prefer Big Bang Theory and the old Two and a Half Men
  • Amsterdam Series Weekend

    To all our Dutch Modern Family fans!!!!


    Van 24 tot en met 26 mei staat het Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam volledig in het teken van televisieseries tijdens de eerste editie van Amsterdam Series Weekend. Dit wil jij als echte Modern Family fan natuurlijk niet missen! Check 91 voor meer informatie!
  • Best current sitcom on TV

    This show manages to be both funny and poignant while dealing with controversial issues in a non-offensive way. Their portrayal of a gay couple with a child has changed some perspectives in my traditional family. The show makes us think and, just as importantly, laugh.
  • fat remarks-ridiculous

    excuse me but your fat remark was ridiculous. i love how cam's character accepts himself and adds comedy to the already hilarious show....

    also learn how to spell why don't you

  • Modern Family.... brilliantly clever and hilarious

    A TV gem among 21st century sitcoms. I love all the characters for so many reasons and watching them banter and play off each other is simply gold. The acting and dialogue is so realistic (very important for me) and the actors have such good chemistry with one another. Watching Mitch and Cam play off each other's opposites never gets old. And Manny and Jay's interaction is another of my favorite. However, Phil is my favorite character because, well.... any fan will know why Phil and Luke have the best chemistry imo. Brilliant show.
  • Amazing show

    I absolutely love this show!! N making fat comments is not necessary. being fat does not make a person ugly but ur judgemental attitude does! Ppl like that are what makes this world so terrible!
  • love it!

    I absolutely love Modern Family. Ty Burrell just kills me in everything he does, and he and Jay are easily my favorite on the show. Due to a schedule shift at my job with DISH this week, I forgot it was Wednesday until I saw my coworkers talking about "Heart Broken" on Facebook once it was over. They were saying how hilarious it was, and I forgot to watch! Luckily, my DISH Hopper recorded everything that aired during primetime on the four major networks last night, so I was able to watch it this morning before work!
  • No one Cares!

    The charter's are no one anyone would truly come to like.
  • Solid show

    This show is solid. Most episodes are very funny. The Mockumentary thing has gotten old for the most part, but this show breathes new life into the format. The actors have great chemistry onscreen and the writing remains fresh. I look forward to new episodes of this show. They probably need to lay off the whole South American "fish out of water" thing with Gloria's character though. As time goes on, she is no longer brand new to the US. The jokes make less sense as she would be assimilating to American culture more and more. She needs to pluck some of those bushy eyebrows too. Yikes! As a contrast, the gay jokes with Cam and Mitchell still remain fresh since their culture still remains on the outskirts of acceptance in society. Gloria's character has started to seem like a racist stereotype of Hispanics in America the longer they push some of the more extreme cultural stuff. Time to transition away from that ABC. It's derivative after a certain point and belongs back in the 60's with Ricky Ricardo and Charro. Don't go too far at the expense of the rest of the show.
  • Great Comedy

    This show is so hilarious. I'm laughing all the time. The jokes are funny and the story lines are great. What I love most about it is that it can follow three different families without feeling like your on a merry-go-round. The plot lines mesh very nicely with one another so the viewer doesn't feel overwhelmed or confused.
  • Party Crasher

    We have been fans of Modern Family since episode one however. The Party Crasher episode was like watching bourne identity with the camera zooming in an out and jumping like the camera was duct taped to someone's head. We had to watch some recorded shows after getting nauseated. Sad that it was the season premiere.
  • Good humor, too many stereotypes

    I have to admit that this show has grown on me, I watch it regularly and the humor seems to have improved later on. I also watch it out of nostalgic Bundy sentiments... However, I still don't see why it is supposed to be the best show in the comedy lineup. And here are the reasons why:

    - They just went berserk with stereotypes. I mean come on, here are the "gays", there the "dorks", there the high school sweetheart. This is overused to the extreme! Is it so difficult to produce an American series without cliches?

    - Name just one character that has not gone on your nerves at some point! I can't. They are not unlovable, but why do they always have to behave in the same, shrill way?

    - Another issue bothering me: It is not believable for any of the pairs that at one point they have met and liked each other for long enough to still be together. I just can't see this realistically - or even unrealistically in a sitcom world. Also, how come at least half of the characters are not dead yet? Judging by the idiocy going on every week, which is funny in the situation - but all in all, who could always dodge bullets for a longer period?

    On one hand this is cartoon slapstick humor, on the other hand the show has set itself the semi-realistic challenge to portrait a modern family suited to current society. Somehow it does neither to a full extent.
  • The Perfect Show.

    I love all the family members. Great acting. Love that it gets emmys all the time.
  • Great show

    Another amazing sitcom, Modern Family have got increidible characters, all the actors (Even the kids) are really really talented and finally the script is just superb. Great show.
  • Whoever doesn't like this show has no sense of humor whatsoever

    This show is so witty and well-written (pretty unusual for a sitcom). In my opinion, it deserves all of the awards and attention it has.

    PLOT: ....

    I'm not really sure how to describe this. There are three families (one pretty normal, one gay and one with a big age difference) that get into all sorts of mishaps that end up eventually overlapping in the middle or at the end.

    CHARACTERS: I don't hate any of them. I, as a viewer, love each character as if they were part of my own family. If I had to choose one as my favorite though, it's a three-way tie between Luke, Phil and Jay.

    HUMOR: This is mainly where Modern Family prevails. The humor can get a little awkward or out-standish at times, but they never fail at making me laugh. One of the things I love is that certain jokes go with certain characters, and they don't stray from the point. Like, with the two gay men (Cam and Mitch), their dialogue isn't offensive or stereotypical. In other words, they can make jokes about being homosexual without taking it too far.

    Overall, a fantastic show that almost has you guaranteed to love it.
  • Decent Show

    I really love the way all the characters are shaped around on this show.The show has no definite plot but the only reason the show made it to the fourth season (and many more to come, hopefully)is the continuous entertainment provided by the show.The only character which I wouldn't hate watching get killed off is of "Cam" played by Eric Stonestreet.I really DO NOT understand how/why he got an Emmy for this role.Watching Eric Stonestreet play Cam makes me believe sometimes that anyone could become an actor and get an Emmy for third rate acting skills.
  • You really should not have anything bad to say about this TV show.

    I wish i could give this show a rating of infinity. thats how much i love it. I really dont understand why anyone would have a problem with this TV show. So it has a really messed up family. That really just tells you that no family can ever be perfect. Whoever doesnt laugh while watching this show has no sense of humor whatsoever. I know it can be very inapropriate at times but it is a ABC Family show. They are never good for children. So if any parents complain about how inapropiate the show is just dont let your kids watch it. Simple. Right?

    With HIMYM ending this season and other tv shows trying to fill its place (new girl) it is nice to know that the are other comedies like modern family that will fill our 20 minutes weekly need of comedy. A fantastic cast of actors and very good screen writers which have not fallen in rutine.
  • Lovely series

    I was surprised at the overall rating of the show on this site.

    This is one of the best comedy series on air right now, which does not have to depend on laugh cues. The characters are very well sketched, and almost all the characters have done a fantastic job. The setting may be a little too far-fetched, but thats what fiction is all about, you do not necessarily have to stick with the norm.
  • Lots of great characters, funny show

    I really like this show because each character has a different personality which makes this show really enjoyable. But I do have to agree that there is a bad episode every once in a while.
  • Over-rated!

    [I know that I am going to upset some of my friends here, but I must state my opinion.]

    I can not understand all the hype for this show. Since everyone seems to love this show, I have tried to get into it, but I usually find the comedy rushed and unfunny (I have seen better). Everyone seems to think that this is "the best thing since sliced bread" - but I personally think it is "the best thing since yesterday's news" (whatever that was).

    The cast is not bad (I admit that - and every good show should have a good cast, although not great).

    Final thoughts on Modern Family? More like "Mediocre Family". I don't despise it, but to me, it's just another show. I would only watch it if there was nothing else on, but even then I might get bored and just go and read a book instead.
  • If this is a Modern American Family, We are Really in Trouble

    A great looking woman living off a sugar daddy a Gay couple adopting a child, I'm suprize Elton John doesnt live next door. And in the middle of the worst ression they all know, was caused by the republicans, they all seem to have a lot of money between them. You want 'Moden' Family, go down the average neighborhood of Lansing Michigan, or Indianapolis In, and they start your series. You might be finding one gay man or woman, but they are not adopting kids yet, and not every budgy balding going on 70 year old has a hot momma at his disposal. You need to rename the series Modern LA Bld.
  • Another good comedy show

    A funny show. It has a lot of classic jokes and the diversity of the characters is a good addition to make it more likeable. Overall good, funny show!
  • Very funny show, great characters, talent

    I am not a fan of sitcoms generally so this show is a refreshing change from usual evening family tv. The topics and story-lines are timely, lighthearted and funny. The characters are not written in-depth but they aren't meant to be. Instead they are pretty basic and work well together with great writing and one-liners. You can laugh watching even if you haven't followed three seasons.
  • Modern Family - the most hilarious show there is

    I LOVE Modern Family. Wednesdays are my favourite days of the week. There is once in a while, I admit, a bad episode, but generaly, Modern Family is the best!
  • FUNNY!

    Modern Family is so funny! I watched it at my friends house a few weeks ago, and immediatley loved it!
  • Complete

    This show has everything a perfect sitcom needs plus a fresh new type of general comedy
  • Awful

    I think this is one of the worst show on TV.
  • Probably one of the best shows.

    Honestly, if you don't like this show then you have absolutely no emotion, whatsoever. Yea, shows make you laugh, but this makes you literally LAUGH and cry from laughter. This is an awesome show.
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