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  • How long until modern family gets cancelled

    Modern family has steadily been going downhill and this week's episode was the worst. It is geting to be unbelievable and unfunny. To much PS BS!
  • Could Not Make it Thru Two Episodes

    Had an occasion of waking up with this Sitcom on TV, I am guessing it is supposed ti be funny thus "Sitcom" as a program theme however had to change channels 1/2 way thru the second program. There was nothing even accidentally funny about it. Always enjoyed watching "Married with Children" however Al Bundy has hit bottom being on this swill. Cannot imagine a writer would ever consider adding this to their resume' unless it was an eighth-grader. Not going to be like other commenters urging people to not watch it, if you don't care for it simply do not watch. For me, in my limited exposure, it is just dumb and insulting to a thinking person. My worst nightmare would be tied to a chair and forced to watch a Modern Family Marathon. I am certain I would be Psychotic within a few hours begging for water torture as an more appealing alternative.
  • modern boring family

    this show is terrible its borring,its never funny, its hard to stay awak through an episode
  • Desperate!

    Wow. An innocent young goat dying amongst clueless, callous, apathetic humans. I see no humor in that at all. That's usually the sign that the show has run out of ideas and is now trying to appeal to the basest human natures, like fart jokes. I watched this show from the beginning. It's getting boring and offensive. I also just joined this site to comment on this sad and desperate episode.

    What the hell is the matter with you people?! I can't stand your behaviors one bit! Why the hell are you people whining about this show being on air when you dislike it? It is incompatible and selfish. Being incompatible and selfish is nothing to be proud of. If you disagree with me--THEN YOU PEOPLE ARE URCHINS, CIPHERS, IGNORAMUSES, DUMB-ASSES, DUMB-BITCHES AND DUMB-SHITS!!! I don't have to insult, but you people are terribly out of control! And by the way, a "fan" is a person who has likes and encouragement to things that you adore; not a whatever-you-want criticism. Look up the word "fan" in the dictionary if you disbelieve me (where you'll find out that you shouldn't be writing any reviews on this show if you don't encourage watching it). And I'll tell you that this show will cancel when it's ratings start to suffer; not when you spoiled brats want it to. If you disbelieve me, then you're wrong. FUCK YOU!!! YOU BRATS CAN READ ALL OF MY MESSAGES ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!! Besides that, I have seen this show before and I would watch anything except the youth stuff. And by the way, to those who go to church, you know know better. You should know that Jesus does NOT appreciate your behaviors. You ought to ask a pastor if you disbelieve me. And to the brats from below, I'll say that there are people in this world who like this show. You have no right to criticize them. If you brats think that your own, rotten pleasures are more important than respecting other people--THEN YOU EACH OUGHT NOT TO BE A TV COM MEMBER!!! NOW WHY DON'T YOU ALL TAKE YOUR NASTY NOSES OFF THIS SHOW AND ANY OTHER SHOW THAT YOU DISLIKE--OR BETTER YET, HATE--AND FOCUS ON SHOWS THAT YOU ACTUALLY LIKE?!! IF YOU DON'T DO THAT, THEN EACH OF YOU OUGHT TO BE PUT INTO CATACOMBS ALIVE!!! And lastly, any of you who are stubborn enough to put your thumbs down on this review, keep writing negative reviews about this show and/or flag this review... FUCK YOU AND I"LL BE SORRY THAT YOU WERE EVER BORN!!! WHATEVER THE WRITERS AND PRODUCERS OF THIS SHOW AIR OR CANCEL IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSES!!! PUTTING UP WITH THINGS THAT YOU DISLIKE OR EVEN HATE (INCLUDING THIS SHOW) WON'T KILL YOU!!!

    ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV TODAY. A girlfriend of mine told me to watch just four episodes of the reruns on this show and then tell her what I thought of it. I watched three episodes and was solidly hooked like a fish on a line. So far I've watched over 30 episodes of the show, but they are the most recent and I want to see it from the beginning, every episode in the correct order, so I am going to purchase the entire series and start watching it from the beginning, just to get caught up. And I don't make a great deal of $$$$, so that's saying something.

    Also, I just have to say it, the folks who have been denigrating the show in previous comments need to stop being so negative -- it's a GREAT show. If they don't like it, they should switch to another channel, but don't downgrade it and cause those of us who LOVE the show to lose it just because they don't know how to switch to a show with more vicious action in it (or whatever else they seem to need for entertainment). MOST OF US LOVE THIS SHOW and want to see it continue.
  • Still very nice and funny, but yes a bit tired ...

    Of course, the specialty of all the characters is mostly gone. We know all them. there is not much left to develop these characters. But they still face funny situations. So, the show is still pretty entertaining.

    With the additional bonus that the women are still mostly a joy to the eyes.

    I am not a huge fan that "gay" is squeezed into my life and entertainment everywhere now. But the way it is done in this show, I still enjoy.

    I admit - the funniest scene of this season was the imprinting of the ducklings. Particularly when Phil got them to finally follow him (because they thought he was Claire) and he did not even notice it and why. That was very funny.

    And the little details are still introduced with a lot of care and love - . the supermarket brand cereals tasting like sawdust.

    Phil's little pieces of "wisdom" are still great.

    And so on.

    I really don't know why and see how there can be so much hate for this out there. It is still much funnier than many other so-called comedies. But yes, as mentioned, it is getting a bit dusty and tired compared to its glorious beginnings. That does not mean it is now bad. Far from it.

    Somebody was stating that there is currently nothing more devastating on TV than this. I have to say that there is not much of comedies on TV that is better. Lots and lots of things on TV actually try to make me vomit - starting with all these so-called reality TV shows. One worse than the other (be it Dancing with the stars, paint wars, dance moms, American top model, all this nonsense about the Kardashians, .
  • Please Cancel This Show

    I watch USA ALL day and night until Modern family comes on, LITERALLY. It's not entertaining, not funny, not good acting; there is NOTHING on TV more devastating as this show. I wish they would cancel it and add something the world could enjoy. I signed up on here just to write a review, and I've never wrote a review on/about anything! I absolutely cannot stand this show!
  • dont watch every week but its ok

    ok i will admit i dont consider this a cant miss show or even a watch regular but thats just my opinion i have my likes and my dislikes about the show 'my hes just a good hearted guy trying his best to raise a family in this world dunphy of all the dunphy kids shes my fave shes sweet smart and tons of fun 3. lilly shes just wayyy too cute .now for the negative .1 gloria . for some reason she really really bugs me shes got that anoying attitude and voice to match it 2. luke he used to be charming and funny but sence he grew up is now a total moron 3. the kids grew up kindof un reolistic like i was watching one of the episodes recently and alex has um grown 'get the picture' and luke too he seems like he turned into a man almost pretty much over night some times i watch but the whole emmy thing when u have the very funny middle and goldbergs blackish too yet this is what they nominate i hate to say it but abc sucks for that
  • This show is horrible! How is keeping this show on Air Negative -10

    Somebody in Hollywood is doing someone a favor by keeping this show on TV. Look at the show ratings, this show should be canceled.
  • This week's episode - Closets Closets Closets

    I enjoy Modern Family, but this one went over the line. Really, people putting their "junk" on other people's things? That was completely out of line.
  • Liking it more this time, just not as funny still

    Most ep (09-10, 14-15) ABC, Vta County Library Season 1
  • Watching the decline of values and standards, in both sitcoms and real life

    I don't watch Family Guy or any other shows that I perceive as being, "gutter humor" comedies, but I have watched many episodes of Modern Family and just do not understand its great popularity and success.

    Many people are going to disagree with me and maybe even hate me for saying this, but I've been looking for a place to say this because for some reason it has just become my pet peeve lately, even though I have not watched the show for a while.

    To me Modern Family is not only not funny, it's actually detached, off-putting and cold in the way the jokes are presented, simply as one-line zingers, but even more so in how the characters relate to one another.

    I'm guessing the show is supposed to represent that this diverse, variegated group of people makes up the new, "modern" family unit, and maybe it simply reflects society and it's decline, but to me it is really sad, there is so little intimacy, no warmth or connection between people.

    Maybe I'm comparing it by unrealistic standards, I know every family is not "Full House," the Brady Bunch or that old sitcom I cannot remember the name of, but they all say goodnight to each other, but to me, this show just doesn't have any heart or soul; it is all cerebral with zingy one-liners, but no depth.

    BTW, FWIW, I'm saying this as someone who came from a very dysfunctional, impoverished family closer to that of Roseanne than any other I have seen on television.

    Also, and this is where I'm going to say the controversial un PC stuff, but I saw the pictures of Ms. Vergara when she was a working Supermodel, and she was quite voluptuous and striking, beautiful; but now she looks old. I wouldn't say she's ugly, she is not, but she's not a bombshell knockout who I'd tune in to watch on a weekly basis. And frankly, all the other people are really not that attractive. Ed o' Neill, not much to say there, he's not exactly a looker, even back in his Married with Children days, Julie Bowen has gotten older and looks it, like Amanda Bynes said, Sarah Hyland is really, well I'll leave it for you to complete, but it's not beautiful, Ariel Winter is an attractive nerd, but I wouldn't call her especially beautiful, same could be said for Nolan Gould, especially in recent seasons after he's aged. I have heard he is really smart though. I think Rico Rodriguez is the best looking on the show, but in most of the episodes I watched he had pretty small roles. Eric Stonestreet is okay as is the other guy, unfortunately I cannot remember his name and don't care enough to look it up. Oh.... I almost forgot Ty Burrell, I think in some ways he's my favorite character and I do consider him to be relatively attractive, but being a straight guy I'm not going to tune in just to watch him. All I'm saying is that the cast is not all that great to look at. And for those of you saying so what, it matters. Most of the people on television are supposedly of above average physical attractiveness, that 's a big part of why people watch.

    Mad Men, another controversial show with mixed opinions, most extreme, you either love it or hate it, but that cast is chock full of beautiful people, starting with Jon Hamm, to January Jones, Christina Hendriks, even John Slattery is a good looking guy, even if he's not comfortable being a sex symbol. Kiernan Shipka and many of the other characters as well are very nice to look at. I won't say anything about Peggy Olsen.

    So between the unfunny jokes, the cold, lifeless characters and the way they relate to each other, as well as the not particularly attractive cast, what is so damn great about this show Modern Family?

    I suppose the answer is that other people, probably most, don't see it the way I do, agree with my opinion/assessment, and that is definitely their right, but all I've said are things I clearly witness in every episode.

    I just find it sad, watching the decline of our society(morals, mores, values and standards) happening daily before our very eyes, and so many of us don't even realize it, they think it is normal and great, like texting to each other when they are sitting right next to each other.

    It is horrible how technology, all the innovations that are said to bring us closer together are really distancing us from one another. It's simply tragic how technology is destroying human society(look up what that word means, society) devaluing life, and diminishing/depressing our interactions, how we relate to each other.

  • New Fan

    I have now watched seven episodes of the first season. All I can say is that this show is fantastic! I am not one for sitcoms, but this is no ordinary sitcom! I absolutely love what they are so far, and really hope that they continue down this path because it is money!
  • Overrated

    Agree, it's OK. Has some great moments but not my favorite show. Not consistently entertaining.
  • Originally, it is a French TV series

    The TV series "modern family" broadcast from September 23, 2009 on ABC, is an American adaptation of "Fais pas i, fais pas a " (literally: Don't do this, don't do that) created since September 8, 2007 for the French television (France 2).

    In 2008, ABC has bought an option to adapt the concept to the American continent. The project, entitled Don't do this, don't do that, is canceled.

    However, in 2009, ABC broadcasts Modern Family, a series that keeps many similarities with the French series (several families followed as a mockumentary). Similarities of the suspected plagiarism.

    To date, the rights for an American adaptation are still available. For proof, in 2012, the production announced it has been approached by CBS for adaptation.

    In addition, the series has been exported to many European countries and China. Polish producers have also adapted.

    It's really strange that no one alluded to in that forum.

    At the beginning of the first season, the French series is built like a TV show parody, documentary boundary and the "reality show" with their family life type respectively applying different methods of education, and to show its effects on children. In the first episode, the parents come and expose why they accept this experience.

    I imagine the scenario recall you something?
  • Binge Watched this show

    I really find the episodes very funny. I love all of them. They make my day and I really want to meet them personally someday.
  • Fake, plastic and boring

    I hate this show. I miss The Big Bang theory. The only reason why I watch it for minutes it is because is before American Family.
  • I Love this show

    It is a amazing and funny show
  • I have no problem with the show, really.

    Even though this show is one of the most popular, at LEAST it's not half as stupid as The Big Bang Theory. I don't hate the series, I just hate how it's gonna be a (negative) influence for aspiring television writers. It already has shows that were influenced by this show: The Middle and Black-ish. But I like The Middle better. This show, eh... not one of my favorites really, but I'm gonna give this show a 5.0 out of 10.
  • love it

    Great show great actors
  • Not sure why individual episodes are rated so low.

    I find this show to be pretty funny and original. It's one of the only shows I've kept on watching even after so many seasons. The ratings for each individual episode seem to be between 5 and 7 but they definitely deserve more, at least in my opinion.
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Modern Family is the best show out there!! Awesome Casting, Amazing Writing,... I love this show so much, it's just funny and has great stories!!! Hopefully the show goes on for a very long time!!!
  • Great story line

    You should have Katy Segal aka Peggy Bundy on as aka Al Bundy should be his hot high school sweetheart. coming back into his life after all these years hot biker chick. Gloria will have a run for her money!!!lol great times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ever use this idea love toget to see the taping!!!
  • Overrated

    Modern Family is the type of show that has a couple of good, funny episodes and the rest are boring and not amusing in the slightest. I normally enjoy most American humor, but this comedy just doesn't interest me.

    But it's good if you're looking for something to watch to pass the don't expect to roll around laughing or wait impatiently for the next episode.
  • The Best Tv Show Ever

    Love Modern Family, For Me It's The Best Show and #1 In My Watch List Without Any Doubts. I don't want this show to end ever if possible, I love everyone in the show.
  • not as funny

    Writing has gone down hill
  • modern family characters

    Love this show, but surprised the Gay community doesn't rise up and protest the fact that Mitch and Cameron are such a stereotypical Gay family---except for his athletic prowess, Cam is such a girl emotionally and behaviorally. On Mother's Day, Cam made a big deal of how gay guys are offended by being seen in a woman's role; yet, in the show, they seem to be trying to imitate a heterosexual couple, which I should think would be offensive to the Gay community. Having said this, however, they are hilarious and a constant source of humor. Jay is my favorite and the most authentic of the characters. Gloria's neurotic attachment to her son becomes annoying as is Manny's sense of class superiority, when, as Jay says, he was eating oatmeal out of a can when he met him. Then, there's Phil, who is the poster child for dysfunctional parenting---trying to be a "friend"; rather than a father. I suppose the show is so funny because each character is a stereotype of his role. I sound very critical, perhaps overly so, but I wouldn't miss this or "The Middle". Even when the characters are being annoying, which they frequently are, they are hilarious!
  • I am starting to hate Claire Dunphy...

    This show is funny and good, but I am starting to get annoyed by the character of Claire Dunphy. She's too bossy and too suspicious. Sometimes her actions make me angry and this is supposed to be a comedy !!!
  • I don't understand why the critics love it

    I used to really like Modern Family but I just got tired of it. It's funny because of the way it's a sitcom made to look like a reality show (the way the characters talk to the cameras). I might chuckle every now and then but I just don't get why it wins Emmys every damn year when it isn't that funny.
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