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  • Overrated

    Agree, it's OK. Has some great moments but not my favorite show. Not consistently entertaining.
  • Originally, it is a French TV series

    The TV series "modern family" broadcast from September 23, 2009 on ABC, is an American adaptation of "Fais pas i, fais pas a " (literally: Don't do this, don't do that) created since September 8, 2007 for the French television (France 2).

    In 2008, ABC has bought an option to adapt the concept to the American continent. The project, entitled Don't do this, don't do that, is canceled.

    However, in 2009, ABC broadcasts Modern Family, a series that keeps many similarities with the French series (several families followed as a mockumentary). Similarities of the suspected plagiarism.

    To date, the rights for an American adaptation are still available. For proof, in 2012, the production announced it has been approached by CBS for adaptation.

    In addition, the series has been exported to many European countries and China. Polish producers have also adapted.

    It's really strange that no one alluded to in that forum.

    At the beginning of the first season, the French series is built like a TV show parody, documentary boundary and the "reality show" with their family life type respectively applying different methods of education, and to show its effects on children. In the first episode, the parents come and expose why they accept this experience.

    I imagine the scenario recall you something?
  • Binge Watched this show

    I really find the episodes very funny. I love all of them. They make my day and I really want to meet them personally someday.
  • Fake, plastic and boring

    I hate this show. I miss The Big Bang theory. The only reason why I watch it for minutes it is because is before American Family.
  • I Love this show

    It is a amazing and funny show
  • I have no problem with the show, really.

    Even though this show is one of the most popular, at LEAST it's not half as stupid as The Big Bang Theory. I don't hate the series, I just hate how it's gonna be a (negative) influence for aspiring television writers. It already has shows that were influenced by this show: The Middle and Black-ish. But I like The Middle better. This show, eh... not one of my favorites really, but I'm gonna give this show a 5.0 out of 10.
  • love it

    Great show great actors
  • Not sure why individual episodes are rated so low.

    I find this show to be pretty funny and original. It's one of the only shows I've kept on watching even after so many seasons. The ratings for each individual episode seem to be between 5 and 7 but they definitely deserve more, at least in my opinion.
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Modern Family is the best show out there!! Awesome Casting, Amazing Writing,... I love this show so much, it's just funny and has great stories!!! Hopefully the show goes on for a very long time!!!
  • Great story line

    You should have Katy Segal aka Peggy Bundy on as aka Al Bundy should be his hot high school sweetheart. coming back into his life after all these years hot biker chick. Gloria will have a run for her money!!!lol great times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ever use this idea love toget to see the taping!!!
  • Overrated

    Modern Family is the type of show that has a couple of good, funny episodes and the rest are boring and not amusing in the slightest. I normally enjoy most American humor, but this comedy just doesn't interest me.

    But it's good if you're looking for something to watch to pass the don't expect to roll around laughing or wait impatiently for the next episode.
  • The Best Tv Show Ever

    Love Modern Family, For Me It's The Best Show and #1 In My Watch List Without Any Doubts. I don't want this show to end ever if possible, I love everyone in the show.
  • not as funny

    Writing has gone down hill
  • modern family characters

    Love this show, but surprised the Gay community doesn't rise up and protest the fact that Mitch and Cameron are such a stereotypical Gay family---except for his athletic prowess, Cam is such a girl emotionally and behaviorally. On Mother's Day, Cam made a big deal of how gay guys are offended by being seen in a woman's role; yet, in the show, they seem to be trying to imitate a heterosexual couple, which I should think would be offensive to the Gay community. Having said this, however, they are hilarious and a constant source of humor. Jay is my favorite and the most authentic of the characters. Gloria's neurotic attachment to her son becomes annoying as is Manny's sense of class superiority, when, as Jay says, he was eating oatmeal out of a can when he met him. Then, there's Phil, who is the poster child for dysfunctional parenting---trying to be a "friend"; rather than a father. I suppose the show is so funny because each character is a stereotype of his role. I sound very critical, perhaps overly so, but I wouldn't miss this or "The Middle". Even when the characters are being annoying, which they frequently are, they are hilarious!
  • I am starting to hate Claire Dunphy...

    This show is funny and good, but I am starting to get annoyed by the character of Claire Dunphy. She's too bossy and too suspicious. Sometimes her actions make me angry and this is supposed to be a comedy !!!
  • I don't understand why the critics love it

    I used to really like Modern Family but I just got tired of it. It's funny because of the way it's a sitcom made to look like a reality show (the way the characters talk to the cameras). I might chuckle every now and then but I just don't get why it wins Emmys every damn year when it isn't that funny.
  • Overrated, but nice

    Overrated show (probably because of its Gay representation).
  • Best family show ever!

    First of all, i love the way they film the show, like its just a home video. second of all, i also love how they don't put annoying laughing effects after someone said something, thats supposed to be funny. It creates all these funny awkward moments. And last but not least, this show is awesome!!!
  • best family show ive seen in a long time

    If you think this show has nothing new to offer then you have no heart, are superficial, and aren't intelligent enough to understand the many layers of the plots/characters. If you think that all of the characters are one note stereotypes, then that is only a reflection of how you perceive people. Thats not the show's fault.
  • Liking it more this time, just not as funny still

    Most ep (09-10, 14)
  • Funny, but repetitive

    Modern Family is often funny, but the more episodes you watch, the more you see how much the plots repeat. First, the problem is introduced at the beginning, escalated in the middle, and then solved immediately (usually by Jay), at the end. I call it the Modern Family Formula.

    The characters can get pretty annoying, especially the Dunphys. Haley and Claire are very unlikable and never make me laugh. Cam and Gloria can get a little annoying too, but they're still pretty funny.

    Overall, it makes me laugh, but the weak writing gets on my nerves.
  • Super Funny

    I love this show. I just recently got into it and I totally love it !!
  • Homesick Cure

    I always watch this show whenever I miss my family back in Australia.
  • Been watching since Day One...

    The show is still fresh and funny...
  • You guys are stupid

    This is a great show. I love all of the characters. One of my favourites. I don't know why all of you people hate it, this is a very funny show.
  • Modern Family Review!

    I believe Modern Family is a wonderful TV show! It is extremely humorous and makes you smile every time! Modern Family strength is not only that its funny but every single episode portrays a fantastic message whether it be about family, love or life it makes you think every time. The actors in Modern Family could not have been better chosen that got it perfect! For all those negative reviews on Modern Family, that's is your opinion but there are many others as well. This show is a wonderful representation of men, women, children and families. The three different families show all different scenarios that everyone can relate to! All these characters are enthusiastic, supportive, confident and compassionate. These traits are all wonderful and things we should all try to achieve. Modern Family definitely is an amazing show for these main three reasons, 1. The characters all have fantastic traits that can inspire many people, and they can be considered at role models. 2. it is a comedy, so its hilarious to watch! And everyone can relate to! 3. Because each episode explores a message that makes everyone think and most of the time put into action.

    Finally, my opinion is that everyone can learn a valuable lesson from Modern Family, not only about family but love, school, sport and life in general. It is a very funny show so i enjoy every minute of it! I Hope this has persuaded you to watch it either for the first time or to re-watch it to see if there is more you could get out of it instead of watching with a negative attitude. Thanks for reading :)
  • The sad state of comedy

    My family has been telling me how funny Modern Family is. So, I finally gave in and watched a few episodes. Not funny. Annoying, dull, stereotypical, idiotic, but not funny. Phil is a moron. I mean really? Who would marry someone so clueless? The Colombian woman screams constantly. Someone needs to tell her loud does not equal funny. The lawyer son needs to grow a set and his partner can only operate in hysteria. Where are the writers who gave us Lucy? It is insulting to see what most people now accept as humor. I'll go back to the Food Channel.
  • one of my favorites

    This show hilarious! My entire family watches and we laugh the whole time. There are so many scenes and phrases that we can relate too, meaning the things they do and say are things that my family does and says. This family is more upper middle class, and that's my family so being of the same social economic status could be why we can relate so much. Phil is the best! He is so goofy and innocent and truly fits the saying that men are just big boys, but he is a great dad and husband. I love Gloria and Mitch as well, cam and Mitch are the funniest couple. You can't say enough good things about this show. And I hate sit com's bit love this one
  • Same old, same old.

    While some parts are tolerable, most of it is just trite. It's pretty much your run-of-the-mill sitcom. Clueless dad, uptight mom, you get the idea. I'd rather watch something else.
  • great pugie 211

    Gloria is the best one and the funny one .