Modern Family

Wednesday 9:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 23, 2009 In Season





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  • Could Not Make it Thru Two Episodes

    Had an occasion of waking up with this Sitcom on TV, I am guessing it is supposed ti be funny thus "Sitcom" as a program theme however had to change channels 1/2 way thru the second program. There was nothing even accidentally funny about it. Always enjoyed watching "Married with Children" however Al Bundy has hit bottom being on this swill. Cannot imagine a writer would ever consider adding this to their resume' unless it was an eighth-grader. Not going to be like other commenters urging people to not watch it, if you don't care for it simply do not watch. For me, in my limited exposure, it is just dumb and insulting to a thinking person. My worst nightmare would be tied to a chair and forced to watch a Modern Family Marathon. I am certain I would be Psychotic within a few hours begging for water torture as an more appealing alternative.