Modern Family

Season 1 Episode 6

Run For Your Wife

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2009 on ABC

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  • Very good

    Very good but not memorable.
  • First Day of School for a Modern Family


    Luke: has to write a journel, but only wrote one entry about finding a stick

    Haley: has her learners permit, and a 40 yr old man is going to pick her up from school

    Claire: wants to relax with the kids at school

    Phil: thinks he's faster than Claire

    Manny: wants to wear a Colombian poncho

    Jay: thinks that is a bad idea

    Gloria: finds the poncho in the trunk and brings it to Manny

    Cam: dresses up Lily in many costumes

    Mitchell: freaks out when Lily hits her head

    The funniest moments were breaking the flute and "I'm from Denver"

    A really hilarious episode!
  • The first day of school


    This was actually 2nd episode on the DVD but I think it's the 6th overall. Anyway this was not as good as the pilot but still a funny episode. Seeing Manny in his poncho was pretty funny. I like that even though he is 12, he acts like he is 30. Even though he does this, he is very likeable. I also enjoyed seeing the dorky side of Phil. The best part was seeing Cameron scream when Lilly was accidentally locked in the car. Like the last episode it had that 80's family show ending but it didn't come off as cheesy. A funny episode from start to end.

  • Pretty good.. but why didn't they air this one first? I don't get it..

    This was another solid episode of Modern Family, but defniitely one of the weaker ones. I think this episode would've (nay, should've) gone before Coal Digger, mostly because this is a first day of school episode, and the previous one involved a fight at school.. Timing doesn't make sense.

    The plot for the episode also was pretty minimal, although there was still some pretty funny moments. I'm really liking the use of old family photos to illustrate points in this show. It reminds me a lot of Arrested Development and their constant use of video footage from security tapes, family photos, evidence obtained from the family.. it makes the show a little more unique. That being said, Mitchell's photos of him as a cool kid/jock made me laugh the most. Also, Lily dressed up as different pop singers.. actually the entire cold open was good. As dumb as Phil and Claire's plot was, its always entertaining to see Phil act like a child, fighting for attention, whether it's from his kids, his wife or his father-in-law. And him being hit by the car? Amazing. It actually looked like he did that and not a stunt guy.

    The things I didn't like: the sudden insanity onset of Cameron. He was saying such awkward things in the doctors office, almost Michael Scott-ish things. And his insane reaction to Lily being locked in the car didn't do anything for me either. And the plot with Manny's poncho didn't have much of a payoff.. it kind of just sat dead in the water.

    However, every time an episode of Modern Family ends, I feel like I've just watched part of my own life on TV, albiet a little stranger and more dysfunctional. But I think that's the beauty of this show. The plots are never unrealistic. There's always some sense of realism to them. The awkwardness is mostly always genuine and there's always funny moments as well. Modern Family does a pretty good job rising above the usual cliches and seems to have found a comfortable niche away from everything else.
  • Claire does something really nice

    And her husband is so naive that he doesn't even know! But I bet it just broke her heart, she was trying to kick his butt but when she saw that T-shirt, she couldn't help it but let him win.

    I love Gloria's accent. Even when I think it is a little exaggerated, it's very funny to hear her say all those words in a heavy accent. I'm still not very fond of the oldest daughter, I think she's way too superficial and she kind of gets lost in the story. She is the weakest of the children.

    I didn't laugh as much as in the pilot, but it kept me interested enough to watch the rest of the episode and it was funny enough.
  • Not much for the families to do this week.

    I was immediately confused as to why this was the first day of school for the kids when just last week Manny and Luke had fought and been sent to the principal. Looks like the episodes were aired in a different order from when they were produced, but I've got to dock some points for a jarring mistake like that. I laughed the most at the Pancho plot. Manny wanted to express his heritage at school, but Jay wanted to keep him from getting picked on. It seems the culture differences will be driving the material behind this family, and I liked the classic twist of Gloria's support turning to discouragement when Manny wants to add that little flute thing to his presentation.

    With the kids away, Phil wanted to show his support for Claire, who he assumed would be directionless without the kids in the house. Phil coaxed Claire into a foot race, which all just seemed to silly to really care about. Claire, who comes off as the coldest character on the show, had a nice moment at the end, realizing it's Phil that's coping without the kids. This plot was punctuated with some funny first-time-driver sequences, but that's about it.

    Cameron and Mitchel's first-time-parents material is ripe for some really funny plots. Hitting the child's head for the first time is a good one, but unfortunately, it's all not as funny as I would have liked. The stuff at the doctor's office fell flat (I did like the bow to the Asian-American doctor though- "I'm from Denver"), and going crazy with the trashcan when Lily is locked in the car seemed like a bit much.
  • 106

    "Great, I'm half scared."

    Six episodes in and I find myself really irritated by Mitchell and Cameron. Their storylines are always just so boring and completely unrelatable (nobody dresses up their baby as Cher.) Their dialogue is really never funny either.

    The Jay and Gloria and Manny storyline was also pretty phoned in here as well. Manny wanted to wear a stupid poncho and Jay did not care for it. I will sarcastically say that that is great writing.

    Luckily Phil had a few good lines, and the recurring gag with the bad step is always good, but this was just a mediocre episode.