Modern Family - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Baby on Board
    Episode 24
    Cam and Mitchell find an opportunity to adopt and are aided by Gloria's bilingualism at the hospital. Manny and Jay help Lily prep for a dance recital. Alex goes to her first prom, though there's something different about her date. Haley announces her future plans to Phil and Claire, which shocks them, and one family member is hiding a big surprise.moreless
  • Tableau Vivant
    Episode 23
    Alex's attempt to stage a living picture for an art teacher she really likes is thwarted by the family's various arguments: Gloria is jealous about Jay's relationship with a waitress, Claire and Cam disagree over parenting issues, Phil gets tongue-tied while trying to fire Mitchell, and Manny tries to get Luke to take ownership for his wrongdoings.moreless
  • Disneyland
    Episode 22
    During a family trip to Disneyland, Phil tries to go on a lot of big fast rides with Luke but ends up feeling a little bit green around the gills. Claire invites a boy (Matt Prokop) on the trip to stir up something in Haley, but much to her surprise, they run into Dylan. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam cope withLily's new penchant of running away, and Gloria tries to get a preoccupied Manny off the phone and enjoy the trip, while she and Jay have their own spat about suitable footwear.moreless
  • 5/2/12
    Lily loses her favorite toy on a train; Phil purchases a car without first talking it over with Claire; Jay tries to have his high-school reunion with Gloria and Manny.
  • The Last Walt
    Episode 20
    Claire tries to console Luke after a friend of his dies, Cameron's father comes to visit and gets into a spat with Jay, Haley tricks Gloria into letting her throw a party in her house, and after feeling like he's neglected his middle child, Phil attempts to bond with Alex.
  • Election Day
    Episode 19
    Claire experiences some technical difficulties during interviews, while Phil encounters problems while driving people to the voting booth. Mitch and Cam run into trouble while campaigning in town, and Jay confronts a woman from a past one-night stand. Haley awaits a college acceptance letter.
  • Send Out the Clowns
    Episode 18
    Cam runs into his former clown partner and considers teaming up with him again, Phil gets into some serious real estate competition, Jay and Gloria have suspicions when Manny makes a new friend, and Claire is desperate to be accepted by Alex and Haley on Facebook.
  • Leap Day
    Episode 17
    Mitchell tries to make Cam's birthday real special, Jay's manliness becomes questionable, and the girls mess up Phil's leap day plans.
  • Virgin Territory
    Episode 16
    Jay finds out Mitchell ruined his greatest golf moment. While on the way to fix Lily's doll, Alex spills a surprising secret about Haley to Phil, leaving him heartbroken, while Gloria discovers a secret of Claire's. Cam's desperate to get everyone out of the house so he can investigate an issue and prove Claire wrong, and Luke helps Manny to impress a girl he likes.moreless
  • Aunt Mommy
    Episode 15
    Claire and Phil plan a celebratory dinner after selling a house to Mitchell and Cam's friends, and having too much to drink leads Claire to offer something rather generous. Gloria and Jay have a spat after she accuses him of telling Manny what to do.
  • Me? Jealous?
    Episode 14
    Claire believes that Phil's business partner is inappropriate, but Phil, always being very trusting, cannot be convinced. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cam stay with Jay and Gloria while their house is being fumigated.
  • Little Bo Bleep
    Episode 13
    The Dunphys coach Claire for her next debate and when it happens, things getting a little out of hand. Meanwhile, Gloria is mad that Jay coddles Stella over her, and while rehearsing for a wedding, Lily blurts out a new word that puts Cam and Mitchell on edge.
  • Egg Drop
    Episode 12
    Luke and Manny's egg-capsule project triggers Claire and Jay's competitive instincts. Phil ropes Haley and Gloria into providing audience support during his work presentation, but they ditch him for mani-pedis. Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam go to great lengths to impress a potential birth mother.
  • Lifetime Supply
    Episode 11
    Phil awaits his impending doom after his doctor's appointment coincides with the end of his lifetime supply of razor blades, while Jay and Javier (Benjamin Bratt) butt heads at the racetrack with Manny. Additionally, Gloria tutors Haley in Spanish, Walt (Philip Baker Hall) plays video games with Luke, and after Mitchell receives an award from his company, he and Cam engage in a trophy war.moreless
  • Express Christmas
    Episode 10

    With everyone departing for different destinations over Christmas, the Dunphy-Pritchetts plan an "Express Christmas" to be set up in less than 24 hours, and things get a little out of hand. Phil and Manny purchase the turkey, Claire and Haley shop for gifts, Gloria and Luke retrieve the angel from the attic, Mitch, Lily and Alex are assigned to tree duty, while Jay and Cam wrap the gifts already bought.

  • Punkin Chunkin
    Episode 9

    Tempers flare when Mitch doubts Cam's Punkin Chunkin story is true, Phil accuses Claire of holding him back, and Jay tries to get Gloria to be honest with Manny. Elsewhere, Haley and Alex dent Claire's car and will stop at nothing to hide it from her.

  • After the Fire
    Episode 8
    Claire organizes a donation drive to help neighbors whose house burned down. Cameron has trouble convincing the family that he can drive a delivery truck. Phil turns to Jay for advice on a huge job opportunity.
  • Treehouse
    Episode 7

    After seeing how much Jay's friend, Shorty, and his wife do together, Gloria yearns for Jay to take her salsa dancing. Meanwhile, Cameron takes a bet to pick up a woman in a bar a bit too far. Elsewhere, Phil meets a new friend, while building a treehouse for Luke.

  • Go Bullfrogs!
    Episode 6

    Phil takes Haley on a college visit, and a lonely Claire goes out with Mitchell and Cameron. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria consider having "the talk" with Manny.

  • Hit and Run
    Episode 5

    While Claire considers running for city councilwoman, Cameron and Mitchell are in a hit-and-run accident, and Gloria tries to help Manny and Jay resolve their issues.

  • Door to Door
    Episode 4

    Claire petitions the city to put a stop sign at a high traffic intersection, while Jay and Manny team up to sell wrapping paper for a school fundraiser.

  • Phil on Wire
    Episode 3

    Phil and Luke want to learn how to walk a tightrope, while Claire tries to teach Alex and Haley some life lessons. Meanwhile, Cam starts a juice fast, and Gloria gets annoyed by Jay's attention to their dog.

  • 9/21/11

    Mitch and Cam plan to announce that they want to adopt another baby, but realize that Lily might not want another baby in the house. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria disagree on how to deal with Manny's theft of a girl's necklace, and Claire deals with her need to always be in the right.

  • Dude Ranch
    Episode 1

    The families head to Wyoming for some outdoor adventures.