Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 23

See You Next Fall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • Very good again

    and that's all I have to say apart from Cam falling in the pool.
  • Alex graduates from middle school

    I am glad they did a Alex episode. Like I have said before, I have always enjoyed Alex because she is like a human teenage Lisa Simpson. I enjoyed how Hailey helped Alex and didn't want to see her alienate herself. When Alex went through on the speech Hailey suggested, I like Alex's reaction to the crowd's reaction. ("Really?") At the end the ceremony when Alex gets invited to a party, her reaction was great and what makes me admirer her.

    Cameron's suit was great. It was one of the best he wore. I was on the Pritchet side when Cameron feel in the kiddie pool. When Mitchell laughed I think it didn't come off as mean. Again you get to see the differences between Pritchet's and Dunphy's. One interesting part was Cameron's reaction or lack of it by Jay comments on his suit. Other funny parts include Luke thinking he has mind control, Gloria and Manny not helping Jay get into the house. I also thought it was funny how Phil was trying to get Claire to have her breakdown so he could go to Vegas, only to breakdown himself. It does not come off as selfish at all. My favorite part was how it started with Alex about to make her speech and then show Phil and Claire got there, kind of like a Grounded for Life episode. My favorite part of Claire's and Phil's journey was when they got the ride on the truck and Phil thought the guys spoke Spanish and never realizing they spoke perfect English. This was just a overall episode top to bottom.
  • Haley: If you do this you'll be a social piranha. Alex: Yes, I'll be an Amazonian carnivorous fish.

    Soooooo plots:

    Cam: So he tripped and fell int0o Lilly's pool. And Mitchell laughed, as someone normal would do, but Cam, in a typical Cam way, got annoyed ansd upset. And then he ran into the glass at jay's and the Pritchetts all laughed. But yeah, then they got over it, as they do in every episode.

    Phil-Clarie: Wanted to go to ALex's speech but the gate of Jay's didn't open so they went on Gloria's tandem bvike, but the chain broke in the middway. So then Claire got all sentimental cause after graduating middle school is when Haley stopped being a child, and they rushed and fell over a hill, making Cam laugh. But yeah, made it on time.

    Jay: He got botox, and wanted to keep it secret but everyone found out. The best was Manny wanting him to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask.

    Alex-Haley: Alex's speech for graduating valedictorian was originally about her admittig she was a nerd and saying she would have liked to be a dumb normal popuñlar girl. Haley overheard and though she hated her cause thay's what she is and that she would be hurt if she said it. Whiekl saying the speech, she saw Haley dissapointed and changed her speech into a typical cheesy one, and Haley was happy. Overall: Heck, I dont know if it's cause I was on a good mood but this was WAY bette than the last several episodes. It was hilarious and touching ( I love Haleyv so Alex's gesture was so nice IMO). So yeah, great ep. 10/10.
  • Alex graduates from middle school while the rest of the family struggles to get there on time.

    Here, we got an episode of "Modern Family" that was just a few tweeks away from being really great. Instead, because of a plot that doesn't work for the most part, we get an all around good episode either way, and after the last two, I was glad to see this.

    Alex is graduating, and everybody is dealing with their own drama while Alex attempts to write a good speech (one that Haley believes is stupid). Phil is going to Vegas with friends and believes that Claire is going to have a breakdown the day he is to leave, which means he wants her to have the breakdown the day before. With Cam and Mitch, Cam trips over the kiddie pool and falls down, which Mitch laughs hysterically at. Cam can't understand why Mitch would laugh so hard at something like that, but Mitch believes he's in the right. Meanwhile, back at Jay and Gloria's house, Jay does Botox and has a droopy eye, and the family worries about his health.

    As I said before, there's one plot that doesn't work and it's Jay's. The rest of the plots seem to mesh well with Alex's plot and the way that the family has to get there. Cam and Mitch's plot is funny because every time we see Mitch laughing, it makes us laugh harder, even if it isn't funny watching Cam do that (but who are we kidding, physical humor is great). And when we see Phil and Claire rushing to get to Alex's graduation, falling over themselves and sliding down a hill, Cam commenting and laughing at it makes it all feel earned. But with Jay and Gloria, the Botox plot feels so pigeonholed, as if the writers were once again left without anything for those characters to do on their own and created something.

    All in all, it's a great comeback for the show after two episodes that left me disappointed.
  • Pretty Funny

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. It was pretty good.


    Claire as usual is always blowing stuff out of proportion but it was funny how Phil tried to go out of his way to make her cry so he she'd do it then and not the day he needs to go to vegas for
    a trip with friends.

    Great Character development for these 2 girls. I love how they are always fighting but secretly both
    girls envy the other and it was a great sister plot
    for the two of them(one that rivals the one where they
    broke into the school)

    Ehhh, this was the weakest plot of them all. It didn't fit in with the others and even the jokes
    surrounding it, didn't seem that funny.

    Such a small plot in the episode but easily the most
    interesting and funniest plot of them all. This couple has the most chemistry. With Phil and Claire
    it is like you can tell they are acting and Jay and Gloria don't match very well together AT ALL.

    Cam is so funny and my favorite character!

    Overall, aside from the Jay plot...GREAT EPISODE!
  • One of the season's best

    Why is Alex such a word that starts with a b? It's not right that a 14 year old has such bitterness.

    This was one of the season's best as I said. A few funny gags with the bicycle and the falling down and the gate, but it was a well-crafted plot featuring all of the characters struggling with different events that got in their way of the graduation. The show does have a knack for getting everyone involved every week. One of the few positives Modern Family has going for it.

    This was a good episode though. Except for the Alex scenes, it was quite strong.