Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 23

See You Next Fall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • Haley: If you do this you'll be a social piranha. Alex: Yes, I'll be an Amazonian carnivorous fish.

    Soooooo plots:

    Cam: So he tripped and fell int0o Lilly's pool. And Mitchell laughed, as someone normal would do, but Cam, in a typical Cam way, got annoyed ansd upset. And then he ran into the glass at jay's and the Pritchetts all laughed. But yeah, then they got over it, as they do in every episode.

    Phil-Clarie: Wanted to go to ALex's speech but the gate of Jay's didn't open so they went on Gloria's tandem bvike, but the chain broke in the middway. So then Claire got all sentimental cause after graduating middle school is when Haley stopped being a child, and they rushed and fell over a hill, making Cam laugh. But yeah, made it on time.

    Jay: He got botox, and wanted to keep it secret but everyone found out. The best was Manny wanting him to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask.

    Alex-Haley: Alex's speech for graduating valedictorian was originally about her admittig she was a nerd and saying she would have liked to be a dumb normal popuñlar girl. Haley overheard and though she hated her cause thay's what she is and that she would be hurt if she said it. Whiekl saying the speech, she saw Haley dissapointed and changed her speech into a typical cheesy one, and Haley was happy. Overall: Heck, I dont know if it's cause I was on a good mood but this was WAY bette than the last several episodes. It was hilarious and touching ( I love Haleyv so Alex's gesture was so nice IMO). So yeah, great ep. 10/10.