Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 23

See You Next Fall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • Alex graduates from middle school

    I am glad they did a Alex episode. Like I have said before, I have always enjoyed Alex because she is like a human teenage Lisa Simpson. I enjoyed how Hailey helped Alex and didn't want to see her alienate herself. When Alex went through on the speech Hailey suggested, I like Alex's reaction to the crowd's reaction. ("Really?") At the end the ceremony when Alex gets invited to a party, her reaction was great and what makes me admirer her.

    Cameron's suit was great. It was one of the best he wore. I was on the Pritchet side when Cameron feel in the kiddie pool. When Mitchell laughed I think it didn't come off as mean. Again you get to see the differences between Pritchet's and Dunphy's. One interesting part was Cameron's reaction or lack of it by Jay comments on his suit. Other funny parts include Luke thinking he has mind control, Gloria and Manny not helping Jay get into the house. I also thought it was funny how Phil was trying to get Claire to have her breakdown so he could go to Vegas, only to breakdown himself. It does not come off as selfish at all. My favorite part was how it started with Alex about to make her speech and then show Phil and Claire got there, kind of like a Grounded for Life episode. My favorite part of Claire's and Phil's journey was when they got the ride on the truck and Phil thought the guys spoke Spanish and never realizing they spoke perfect English. This was just a overall episode top to bottom.
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