Modern Family

Season 3 Episode 18

Send Out the Clowns

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on ABC

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  • Clowns

    I think the same as Mitchell: I hate so much Cam when he plays the clown part...
  • 3.18 "Send Out the Clowns"

    This was a pretty solid episode of Modern Family. The cast was at its best as always. Although the writing was not exactly "on top". I loved Jay & Gloria arguing over which one of them is cooler according to Manny's friend who was obviously into Gloria and stared right at her cleavage. And how cute is Stella the dog just sitting there and looking around? :) Cam's story was the weakest one in this episode, although a giggled a coupe of times during the scene of him and Lewis performing at the birthday party. Almost didn't realize Lewis was played by Bobby Cannavale. Then there's Phil & his story with another realtor Mitzi Roth (Ellen Barkin) which was funny, but I totally predicted that he would use his son Luke to get exactly what he wanted. And obviously I totally knew that something embarassing would happen to Claire on facebook, so I was not that surprised by her "inappropriate tags". All in all - it was good enough to make me laugh a couple of times, but they can do better. 7 / 10
  • Dunphys arent the most LOL but still good.

    Rest are amazing. Really LOL
  • The writing is a little weak but the entertainment is "on top" though

    Cam runs into his former clown partner and considers teaming up with him again, Phil gets into some serious real estate competition, Jay and Gloria have suspicions when Manny makes a new friend, and Claire is desperate to be accept by Alex and Haley on Facebook. I thought that this was a great episode of "Modern Family". It's enjoyable for the most part and well uh... yeah, it's just enjoyable. I can't say that the writing for the storylines in this episode were strong because it was a little weak in my opinion. The writing is pretty good though but it's just NOT strong or on "top of it". Each storyline does provide some good amount of humor for me to enjoy and each storyline provides at least one or two boring scenes each. The funniest part of the episode is probably when Cam and his clown friend were performing at that birthday party towards the end of the episode... that part was surely the highlight of the episode. Characters in this episode are a little bit annoying but yeah. So to finish up my review... this episode is enjoyable and has a great premise for each storyline but the writing is not so strong and each of the storylines do have its moments of being boring in about one or two parts. Overall, a great episode of "Modern Family".... enjoyable but the writing got a little weak here. 8.5/10
  • Good Idea, Poor Writing

    The Claire plot: 9

    So funny!

    The Phil plot: 6.5

    Obvious to tell where it was going. The real estate lady was at first too childish and then later too nice.

    The Manny/Jay/Gloria plot: 7

    We saw this before with Cam and Mitchell in Bixby's Back.

    The Cam plot: 8

    Good except it didn't end! There was no ending!
  • Where's the ending!?

    First of all there will be some spoiler alerts!

    Ok, I'm Modern Family fan, loved most of the episodes, but this one was just so badly written, I think even score of 4.5 is high for this. Ok Phil and Claire story was interesting, Phil making his way to get those clients with help of his son, and Claire going into facebook ''game''. Phil's story had ending, it was funny, wasn't the greatest but still, Claire's wasn't really a storyline, but was funny. BUT - the ending of Cam and Mitchell's story - Cam's clown friend starts to choke him in front of all those children and in the end it doesn't even show how it all ended? c'mon now!! (wasn't funny, and without ending - yes you can guess how it ended, but still) The same goes about Jay, Gloria and Mannie, there was an ending to that story, but really, wasn't anything funny, not many things happened, also a bit weird. Like - he hangs out with me because he likes my mother, but I dont care I like his sister, and that's all. Nothing interesting.