Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 11

Slow Down Your Neighbors

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with Cam and Mitchell at home and Cam sees a stranger in the hot tub. They are about to call the police until he stands up and is a man who has nice abs. They rethink their initial thought. They join the stranger, whose name is Barry, and he tells that he is a student to be a Raki Master. Cam tells that he just moved into the apartment upstairs and thought the hot tub was for everyone. Meanwhile, Claire is trying to catch a speeder using a megaphone and get the license plate. Phil comes out and Hailey tells that it is embarrassing. Her friends come by and Hailey hides. Phil gets a call from a client and writes down her address.

Manny gets ready to ride his bike to school, but Jay sees that Manny has training wheels. Jay is disgusted and tells that he is going to teach both Gloria and Manny how to ride a bike. Phil meets with Laura and she tells him to list the house however way he feels will sell. She tells him to throw a great Open House and the listing is his. Phil leaves a message to Claire and realizes that the crazy driver is Laura. Mitchell gets home and Cam tells that he is going in the hot tub again with Barry and Mitchell lets his opinion go about Barry and tells that he is full of it. Cam reminds Mitchell of the other friends who he has written off. Back at Phil and Claire and Phil's, Claire shows a sign that has Lauren's license plate on it with the words "Slow Down Your Neighbors". Phil tries to decline to help but reluctantly agrees.

Barry comes in to see Mitchell and tells that he has a sprinkler out. He tells that he can wave his hands over it and heal it. He is only joking and Mitchell realizes that Barry knows that he doesn't believe him. He tells that he gets it all the time. Jay is getting ready to teach Manny how to ride the bike and Manny takes to it like a natural. Gloria tries and she is not so good and crashes into the bushes. Phil is putting up the sign and Laura jogs by. He tells that he is taking it down. She tells that it is wrong and she rips up the sign and tells him to put it up that way. Claire drives by and sees the ripped sign. Phil tries to tell her to give up the signs and Claire tells that she is protecting their neighborhood. Cam comes home and sees that Barry is performing his Raki on Mitchell and Mitchell buys into it and feels better. They invite Barry over for dinner.

Cam goes outside and the landlord is there. She tells that she is there to show the apartment upstairs. He tells that Barry is living up there and she tells that no one is supposed to be living there. Gloria goes by Phil's and asks him to teach her how to ride a bike. He tells that he has an Open House that he needs to get to and Luke tells that he will do it. Cam goes in the backyard and finds that Barry has been living in Lily's fairytale castle. He tries to get him out and they wrestle inside. Mitchell comes out and Cam tells him to call the police. As Mitchell walks away he tells that he was right. Luke teaches Gloria to ride a bike by squirting her with a squirt gun and it works. She rides the bike with no problem. Claire steals her bike to chase after Lauren. Phil is at the house when Lauren pulls up and he mentions to her that she should slow down a little bit. She tells that the crazy sign lady is the problem.

Claire walks into the Open House and he tries to tell her to leave and Lauren tells that she needs to head out for a second. Claire asks if she is going by her street and Lauren tells that she can. As they get in the car, Lauren tells that there is a whack-job and Claire tells that she knows. However, when they take off, Claire gives Phil a dirty look. Phil buys her a dozen Mylar balloons to make up for it. He tries to teach Hailey her homework and it is a Quiz. She is not getting the answers right and Luke tells that he can teach her. He asks the answers and when she doesn't answer he squirts her with the gun until she answers it correctly and Phil tells that it is all his now.
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