Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 11

Slow Down Your Neighbors

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • Definitely better than the last few episodes

    After a couple of shaky episodes, I finally felt like the show was beginning to find its footing with this one. I still think that things came together a little too neatly, but everything was hilarious either way. Phil was his usual hilarious self, and despite the neatless of the resolution, I like how they got everybody involved and played off of little plot points mentioned in the past. For instance, Gloria frequently mentions how she's afraid of being grabbed while riding her bike, and everyone laughs at how ridiculous it is, but Claire's plot of chasing after a speeding woman means that Claire grabs Gloria off her bike and uses it to advance her plot. It's all a bit neat, as I said before, but it still makes everything hilarious.

    I also enjoyed Cam and Mitch's plot, even though it seems as if they're plots have been completely separate from everybody else's lately. James Marsden guest-stars as a new neighbor who uses their hot tub by accident and ends up wooing the couple with his "Raki" skills and his charming smile. This places a little bit of strain on Cam and Mitch, but I'm glad they didn't play the jealousy card like most sitcoms would. Instead, we slowly see how crazy this new neighbor is and how its revealed he lives inside of Lily's dollhouse.

    For me, the episode was all about the little moments. Gloria's reaction to riding the bike for the first time, Phil's attempts to lead his "double life, sort of like Hannah Montana" and his reaction when he realizes Claire and the woman's house he's selling hate each other. Not huge laugh-out-loud moments, but worthy of attention.

    I don't think that Modern Family is having a sophomore slump by any means, but it certainly seems to be straining for its plots. But it's a ratings hit, and I definitely am glad it's around. It's a perfect show for families to watch on a Wednesday night, and I'm a little confused at how the ratings for these episodes are so consistently low, yet other shows of lesser qualities rate much higher.. but whatever.