Modern Family

Season 2 Episode 11

Slow Down Your Neighbors

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • Luke, I am your father.

    Cam-Mitch storyline: Okay, so they see a guy on their hottub. They get in andf the gyusays he just moved in blsh blah. Mithc htinks he isn't a good guy to have around, but Cam doesn't. One day, Cam reutrns home to find guy (I think he was called Barry?) massagin Mitch. Then Cam finds out that vhe is living in Lilly's prnicess home sand evicts him.

    Dunphy storyline: There is some girl who drives really gfast in the neighborhood, and clarie goes berserk to find out who is she and stop her. She tries to use a megaphone, tries posters, but fails. Turns out the driver is one of Phil's customers, and Phil has to avoid both to find out about each. But wshen Claire arrives to the open house to drink water, the driver offers to give her a ride, and she ifnds out.

    Bike story: Both Manny & Gloria don't know how to ride bikes so Jay teaches them. Manny is a natural but Gloria is all worried. Luke decided to teach her. He just shoot her with a water pistol until she flees on the bike. Later, Phil is helping Haley with her homeowrk and Luke offers to help, soaking her whenever she gets the answer wrong.

    Overall: PRetty lame episode but Luke was able to make up for it. He was HiLARiOUS! So he boosts the 8 to an 8.5/10.